Single-Speed MTB Film Gears Up Ahead of Sea Otter Classic

April 4, 2023

Woven Productions releases LET IT RIDE documentary short to kick off the season

TUCSON, AZ /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Featuring an original soundtrack and propelled by a cadre of core mountain biking brands, LET IT RIDE has been released by Woven Productions. Under 6:00 running time, the documentary gets to the heart of the single-speed culture.

With a world of bike choices that now include electrics, some continue to ride single-speed bikes. But why, and what are they out to accomplish? Join veteran journalist Peter Reese, himself a single-speed mountain and road cyclist, as he meets up with an unusual collection of riders.

Encounter four people along the way, including two women from different generations, who have taken less-traveled paths. With a strong desire to express themselves, they turn their unstoppable energy into accomplishing ambitious goals — and serving others in the community.

All against the backdrop of the stunning Sonoran Desert. And to an original soundtrack that echoes the salient sci-fi series ‘Firefly’ as well as the Western shadings of Lord Huron: Music includes a desert-inspired piece by Tucson native Kathy McKay entitled ‘Saguaro Reign.’

Offers executive producer Peter Reese, ‘Some big ‘yee haws’ go out to GoPro, YETI, Dakine, Smith Optics, Skratch Labs, Kenda Tires, Northwave, Club Ride, Hustle Labs, Swiftwick, Lizard Skins, Ben’s Bikes of Tucson and Milagro Stables for ‘letting it ride’ these months as the film started gaining momentum of its own.’

Shot with the director’s sensitivity to credibility, the film’s production value leans more toward gritty documentation than 6K sensory saturation.Whether you ride single-speed or not, this short film is out to bring positive energy to the day as you saddle up with the filmmaker and his new companions.

Concludes Reese, ‘Get ready to step – or pedal – forward in life with confidence as you LET IT RIDE.’ To prepare for SEA OTTER CLASSIC, watch LET IT RIDE now; click HERE.


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