Skida Partners with the Vermont State Parks for new Elmore Collection

March 13, 2024

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Skida, the Vermont-based accessories brand, is partnering with the Vermont State Parks, celebrating their 100 year anniversary of conserving and interpreting Vermont’s natural, cultural, historic, and scenic heritage. To commemorate this milestone, Skida has released the Elmore Collection, designed in collaboration with the Vermont State Parks and meant to complement the official Vermont State Park uniforms by featuring the whimsical flora seen throughout the Green Mountain State.

A portion of proceeds from the collection will go to Vermont Parks Forever, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the Vermont State Parks. For Skida, the partnership recognizes the essential role that Vermont’s protected spaces play for recreation in the state.

“At Skida, playing in our mountains, trails, and bodies of water is an essential part of our lifestyle and we are so grateful to have Vermont Parks Forever protecting our playground for another 100 years,” explains Skida founder, Corinne Prevot. “Our terrain and natural resources in Vermont are so precious and it’s so important that our parks are accessible for all to enjoy. We appreciate all that you do to keep Vermont vibrant and Vermonters recreating outside.”

Vermont’s 55 state parks provide vast opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, biking, fishing, and camping and also play a crucial role in preserving Vermont’s precious environment and natural resources. This is all made possible by the dedicated Vermont State parks staff and volunteers who are committed to the upkeep of the State Park system, and Skida is proud to support their efforts through this collaboration.

“We’re so grateful to Skida for highlighting the importance of Vermont’s outdoor culture,” said Sarah Alberghini Winters, Executive Director of the Vermont Parks Forever. “As Vermont’s state parks celebrate their 100th anniversary this year, Vermont Parks Forever, the non-profit foundation for the parks, looks forward to protecting and enhancing the state parks for the next 100 years. Thank you, Skida, for helping to promote VPF’s mission of increased nature education and access to the state parks, and our commitment to equity in the outdoors.”

Want to help celebrate the 100th anniversary this year? Wear your Skida Elmore gear with pride! Visit your favorite park, or a new park, and bring a friend! Give in honor of your time in the parks and share your park stories!”

About Skida:

Founded in 2008 by Corinne Prevot, Skida® offers an assortment of outdoor accessories that are vessels for self-expression. Skida’s accessories provide style and function through whimsical patterns and performance materials. Nestled in the heart of Burlington, Vermont, their headquarters is home to distribution, production, planning, and design. Skida is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact through domestic production, the use of recycled materials, and upcycling fabrics into new and innovative accessories. To learn more about Skida’s fresh perspective, visit www.skida.com.