STEREO SKIS Announce US Launch

September 28, 2023

Edwards, CO – September 28, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Stereo Skis today announced its official launch and debut to the US Skiing Market. Stereo Skis, founded in 2008, is a Norwegian-based ski manufacturer dedicated to creating the most high-performance and sustainable skis worldwide.

Heralding Scandinavian handcraft techniques, Stereo Skis has spent the last 10 years building skis that combine the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver the best ski performance and long-lasting products. 2023 marks the first step in its multi-year growth strategy, with the highly anticipated debut to US customers. Stereo Skis will debut in 18 doors across the West, Mid-West, and New England.

“We are thrilled to launch our updated website as well as welcome our 15 dealers to the Stereo Family. Stereo Skis has a rich history and an important sustainability story to share with the ski community here in the US. We’re looking forward to building more partnerships and building the excitement for these high-performance skis,” shared Doug McCaffrey, Stereo Skis Head of US Sales and Operations.

Stereo Skis, recently announced, its touring model Wolf MK5 was recently named Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Guide Editor’s Choice. A prestigious award, signaling to the industry that this brand and its products are one to watch as they gain a US foothold. Over the next 3-5 years, Stereo Skis looks to build its US market share, expanding its door count and growing its list of valued retail partners. The 2023/24 ski year will also mark the debut of strategic brand partnerships and an ambassador program, aimed at propelling Stereo Skis into the mainstream conversation.

Stereo’s 2023/24 ski line includes piste, freeride, race, and touring skis. The ski line is developed for skiers who aim for maximum performance. Stereo Skis focuses on the premium ski market, with prices ranging from $900 to $1300. Manufacturing both men’s and women’s specific models, Stereo Skis are manufactured in Åre, Sweden where 100% of the production process is powered by renewable energy.


About Stereo Skis:

Stereo Skis, was founded in 2008 to push the development and innovation of ski manufacturing and create the most high-performance and sustainable skis in the world. Founded on the rich heritage of Norwegian skiing, Stereo Skis, manufactured in Åre, Sweden, use Scandinavian handcraft techniques, combining the highest quality manufacturing with the most eco-friendly materials in the ski industry to deliver the best ski performance and long-lasting products. Stereo Skis launched its US Sales and Distribution program, headquartered in Edwards, CO, in 2023. For more information, please visit www.stereoskis.com or contact info@stereoskis.com

We make skis for skiers and aim for the best ski performance with a clear focus on the premium segment. Our current skis are manufactured in Åre, Sweden from the best material in the ski industry. We are introducing a new race collection for 23/24 developed together with no other than Kjetil André Aamodt. ”

“Norwegian skis once had the world wide status similar to a Swiss watch or Bordeaux wine. The first ski factory in the world was in Norway, as well as dozens of new innovations like bindings and laminated skis. In the 1920´s and 30´s Norway was the leading nation and the largest exporter of skis. This lasted until the 1960´s and the original Streamlines skis that Stein Eriksen used in the world championships in Åre was last of its generation. (As you might now, the Streamlines skis are also brought back to life and we are behind these skis.)

Stereo Skis started making alpine skis about ten years ago as the first modern alpine brand. The Norwegian ski heritage and modern innovation are key values for the brand. We have piste, freeride, race and touring skis.