Stromer Partners with The Sweet Spot to Make E-Bikes More Accessible

April 2, 2024

The Sweet Spot Bike Leasing is a turn-key lease financing and management platform purpose built for bike brands and retailers.

Vista, CA (April 2, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Stromer, pioneer in Swiss e-bike technology, is proud to partner with The Sweet Spot Bike Leasing, a cycling fintech company, to offer long-term e-bike leasing and management across the United States. This new leasing option makes Stromer’s premium class 3 commuter e-bikes accessible to even more riders, furthering the brand’s mission to shape the future of mobility.

“We at Stromer are very excited about this opportunity to partner up with The Sweet Spot. Bicycle leasing programs are a huge part of our business in Europe and we want to be in the forefront of these programs in the U.S. market as well,” says Matti Rajakylä, Stromer’s general manager for North America.

Founded in 2021 by a group of cyclists, The Sweet Spot is a plug-and-play lease origination and management platform that integrates into existing check-out workflows. It enables both bike brands and retailers to offer an additional leasing option for their consumers, appealing to a new type of customer and resulting in new sales opportunities and strategies.

“We fully believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access bikes for both recreation and utility. It’s our mission to lower that financial barrier so everyone can afford quality and reliable transportation,” says Ryan Fishel, CEO and co-founder of The Sweet Spot Bike Leasing. “Stromer is the perfect partner to kick-off the future of bike ownership.”

The Sweet Spot partners with bike brands, such as Stromer, and retailers to provide leases for high-end bicycles and e-bikes for their customers. Additional advantages include a 10 to 25 percent increase in sales, faster close rates, and access to the unaddressed customer segment focused on affordability and flexibility.

How it Works

For Customers—Browse the Stromer x Sweet Spot collection and select your favorite bike model. When selecting a lease program for a bike, you have the flexibility to choose from durations of 18, 24, or 36 months, allowing you to tailor the lease according to your needs. Every lease comes with crash and theft insurance, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind for the entirety of your leasing period. Upon finalizing your lease, the bike will be conveniently shipped to a local retailer for you to pick up.

At the end of your lease term, you are provided with several choices: you may return the bike, initiate a new lease, or purchase the bike outright, offering a range of options to best suit your future cycling plans.

  • Customized Leasing Terms: Choose a lease duration that fits your lifestyle, with options for 18, 24, or 36 months.
  • Insurance Included: Gain peace of mind with every lease, thanks to included crash and theft insurance.
  • Flexible End-of-Lease Options: As your lease term concludes, choose to return, renew, or purchase your bike.

Pricing depends on the bike model, lease duration, and other options, but can range from as low as $175 per month—the equivalent of a few tanks of gas, on average.

For bike brands and retailers—Join The Sweet Spot’s partner program and be a part of the many brands adding another sales tool to their toolbelt. For brands, The Sweet Spot will work with your team to integrate their lease platform into your checkout process. And that’s it! For retailers, sign your customers up through The Sweet Spot on their favorite brand’s website, welcome your new customer on New Bike Day, and get paid. No hidden fees.

Leasing programs also open up new opportunities for retailers to shift their sales strategies to monthly cost instead of total purchase cost, similar to how the auto industry sells cars on lease terms. Since every lease includes insurance, The Sweet Spot programs also lead to low-risk demo or rental fleets. With special dealer pricing, they’ll make it easier and less risky for you to offer hands-on experiences with your favorite Stromer models.

The Sweet Spot will also be providing sales training for any dealers interested in how to use leasing as part of their sales strategy. Contact Ryan Fishel (ryan@thesweetspot.com) for more information.

In addition to direct-to-consumer leasing, The Sweet Spot is heavily focused on pursuing partnerships for corporate benefits plans, large enterprise campuses, and property/resort management companies.

About The Sweet Spot

Founded in 2021 by Ryan Fishel, Steven Hanna, and Mike Dupuis, The Sweet Spot is a turn-key lease origination and management solution for bike brands and retailers, enabling them to easily lease e-bikes and high-end bicycles. Their mission is to lower the financial barrier to entry for people to get on their next (or first) e-bike or bike. For more information visit thesweetspot.com.

About Stromer

Founded in 2010 and based in Oberwangen, Switzerland, Stromer is shaping the future of mobility with its Speed Pedelecs. myStromer AG produces all of its e-bikes at the Oberwangen site and is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category (fast e-bikes up to 28 mph). The company employs around 180 people, has three subsidiaries (USA, Netherlands, and Romania) and sells its S-Pedelecs in 25 countries. “Swissness” is Stromer’s promise of quality, design, precision, reliability, and respect for the environment. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has enhanced the product range with high-quality urban bikes (up to 20 mph). With its premium e-bikes and accessories, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the 280 million miles traveled on Stromers. Stromer is #HereToChange. For more information visit stromerbike.com.

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