Swiss Kids Outdoor Brand ‘namuk’ Launches in North America

December 7, 2021

Expansion Marks the Company’s First in the U.S., Delivering a Premium Brand Exclusively for Children

ZURICH (December 7, 2021) namuk, a Swiss-based premium sustainable outdoor brand for kids, today announces the expansion into the North American market with office headquarters based in Bend, OR. The brand has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2016 and this expanded presence allows the brand to continue to develop innovative products that combine supreme functionality with style while integrating highest sustainability standards.

“namuk solved a need for parents looking to find functional clothing that allowed kids to have unlimited adventures outside without compromising quality, durability and style,” said Franz Bittmann, namuk Founder & CEO. “This expansion is a culmination of building a unique, positive brand image in the Swiss market and our goal is to now become the most important global outdoor brand for kids.”

Backed by the belief that kids need clothes that allow them to experience nature with all of their senses no matter the weather, namuk is built exclusively for kids ages zero to 12. Products are tested by kids and continually improved based on kids’ feedback to deliver durable, well thought-out and, most importantly, apparel that is both sensible and fun.

As the first Swiss outdoor childrens label in Switzerland, namuk products are made from robust materials and produced with high-quality craftsmanship. namuk combines functionality, durability and design to offer products derived from recycled materials and upcycled collections that result in superior apparel that is made to last and be passed on for multiple generations. To learn more about namuk’s innovative collections based on sustainable fabrics and fair products, please visit https://www.namuk.us/pages/sustainability.

The product line up for winter and all-year will include apparel, accessories and equipment such as Snow Winter Overalls, Primaloft Reversible Jackets, Merino-based apparel, Snow Jackets and Pants. With a priority on sourcing premium materials and longevity, namuk’s experienced team has developed a wide range of innovative products including the first ever PrimaLoft® Bio™ fleece collection.

Also expect to find unexpected innovative designs developed by namuk’s creative team like hidden pacifier holders, magnetic easy-entry gloves, toilet zippers, integrated suspenders and so much more. To learn more about namuk and to shop its latest winter collection, please visit https://www.namuk.us/.

About namuk

namuk is the leading premium sustainable outdoor brand for children,  zero to 12 years of age. As the first Swiss outdoor kids label, namuk prides itself on developing products surrounded by high mountains and deep forests to develop innovative products that are technical, functional and made to last with high-quality craftsmanship. From fleece made from recycled plastics to Primaloft Reversible Jackets, namuk’s products are for little “heavy users” who play outside in every type of weather.  To learn more about namuk and to see its full winter and all-year product lineup, visit https://www.namuk.us/.