SWIX US Partners with Wintersteiger, U.S. Ski Team for Improved Athlete Equipment

October 23, 2020

HAVERHILL, Mass. — SWIX US, in partnership with Wintersteiger, has for the second year set up a tuning and waxing center at Copper Mountain in Frisco, Colorado. The goal of the program, says SWIX Alpine Racing Service Director, Graham Lonetto, is to “evaluate athlete’s skis and help them learn how to tune at a high level.” This center, a “pop up,” will be run and staffed for a month, accessing as many athlete’s skis as possible during that time.

The tuning center is accessible to all U.S. Ski Team Alpine athletes including juniors. “We want to help make sure our athletes have the best skis they can come racing season,” Lonetto explains. “Last year we evaluated 220 pairs of skis and re-tuned 170 pairs that required base and edge work, that’s why this partnership with Wintersteiger works so well.”

Through the partnership the tuning equipment in the center is from SWIX, and athletes are taught how to properly use each piece, ensuring they have the skills needed to maintain their skis throughout the winter. The only equipment that isn’t provided by SWIX is the Wintersteiger tuning and grinding machine. Athletes will also have the opportunity to use SWIX PRO non-fluorinated wax, the highest performing fluoro-free race wax on the market, while prepping their skis.

For more information please visit swixsport.com/us or email Danny Kuzio at dk@pressforwardpr.com.