Team USA Mountain Bike athlete, Riley Amos, joins forces with ketone beverage brand, Kenetik

June 19, 2024

Amos sweeps the UCI World Cup powered by Kenetik’s patented bioidentical ketone drinks

MARYLAND (June 19, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Mountain bike phenom Riley Amos and Kenetik, the brand behind the world’s first bioidentical ketone drinks, announce a partnership for 2024. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in redefining training approaches for elite athletes, combining cutting-edge nutrition with exceptional talent to push the boundaries of performance.

Following a perfect season, poised as one of the most dominant under-23 mountain bikers on the circuit, Amos is Paris bound as a member of the 2024 US Mountain Bike Team. Amos’ talent and dedication have propelled him to win all six UCI U23 World Cup events in an unprecedented sweep. Riding with Kenetik’s patented ketone drink in his arsenal, scientifically proven to improve focus, endurance, and recovery, Amos continues to elevate his performance to new heights.

“Kenetik helps improve my mental focus and ability to push my training further every day,” Amos said. “The journey to the podium begins long before race day, and Kenetik’s bioidentical ketones definitely give me the elevated edge I need.”

At the forefront of elevated fueling, ketone beverages are gaining traction in endurance sports, widely used by Tour de France cyclists for their performance and recovery benefits. Until now, the biggest barrier to popular use has been the unpleasant taste.

“I’ve known about ketones for a while but heard they tasted terrible, and I won’t use a product I have to choke down,” Amos said. “I knew a lot of pro cyclists were utilizing ketones, but I honestly didn’t know much about them. It’s been really nice to work with Kenetik to learn how to get more out of my body. They’ve nailed the flavor making it easy to integrate into my nutrition regimen, ensuring I’m performing at my best every single time,” he added.

Boasting three patents, including one on its superior flavor, Kenetik improves on the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Oxford University’s military technology, making ketones accessible and enjoyable for the first time.

“We are proud to partner with Riley as he embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that aligns perfectly with Kenetik’s mission of promoting momentum for life and helping athletes perform at their best,” said Devon Price, Kenetik’s CEO.

As a champion rider, Riley embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that aligns perfectly with Kenetik’s mission of promoting momentum for life and helping athletes perform at their best.

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Kenetik is a trailblazing company dedicated to advancing athletic performance through innovative nutrition solutions. They are the creators of the world’s first bioidentical ketone drinks, which are scientifically designed to enhance focus, endurance, and recovery. Committed to sustainability, Kenetik’s products are plant-based and carbon-negative. With a mission to promote momentum for life, Kenetik aims to push the boundaries of sports nutrition by making advanced performance tools both accessible and enjoyable for athletes everywhere. For more information, visit Kenetik.