Technically You: Superfeet Boldly Steps Into Customization with ME3D Insoles

July 24, 2017

Collaboration with HP Inc. brings technology to select retailers nationwide

FERNDALE, Wash. (July 24, 2017) – Beginning this summer, Superfeet is going after a new market opportunity – a market of one. Introducing ME3D insoles, engineered with one person in mind – you. ME3D insoles are the first personalized consumer product made using HP Inc.’s revolutionary 3D foot-scanning solution and its award-winning Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

Taking innovation from concept to consumer, Superfeet is completely upending the way products make their way to market. Consumers will no longer have to settle for mass-manufactured insoles and footwear. Powered by HP, with advanced submillimeter-definition 3D scanning and biomechanical pressure analysis, Superfeet analyzes the way feet move and interact with the ground to create a fully individualized, 3D-printed shape. ME3D insoles promise to be just as unique as the individuals themselves, including capturing the idiosyncrasies between the way each of the left and right feet moves. The resulting product will be individualized for a person’s foot in-motion, delivering unparalleled, truly unique comfort and a next-level fit. ME3D insoles will be designed in-store, then printed and shipped directly to consumers, for $150.

“For 40 years we have set the standard for shape and fit. Until today the technology was not available to deliver a 3D printed insole that met Superfeet’s exacting standards,” said Eric Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer at Superfeet. “Our new solution allows us to create the most individualized shape and fit solution on the planet. ME3D is just the beginning of a major shift in how consumers will experience shape and fit, and it’s the first of many individualized products Superfeet plans to offer, including fully- personalized footwear with a batch size of one.”

Shoppers are now empowered with the information and data to help make an informed decision on which shoes and insoles best fit their movement patterns, foot type (beyond length) and needs. Retailers are empowered with knowing they’ll be the community’s ‘“go-to”’ experts in fit and shape at a time when customization and client-service are at such a premium. And both can feel confident in the technology and expertise that Superfeet and HP bring to the ME3D project.

Superfeet is working with select premium retailers across the country to bring a new state-of-the-art product and technology platform to their consumers. Throughout the coming months, nine retailers in eleven locations will be installing the ME3D technology so their shoppers and communities can experience the ultimate in customization:

June 26            Fairhaven Runners (Bellingham, WA)
July 10             Naperville Running Company (Naperville, IL)
July 11              Naperville Running Company (Naperville, IL)
July 12             Naperville Running Company (Wheaton, IL)
July 12             Running Central (Peoria, IL)
July 17             Gazelle Sports (Grand Rapids, MI)
July 19             Santa Cruz Running (Santa Cruz, CA)
July 31             Red Coyote (Oklahoma City, OK)
August 2          Potomac River Running (Vienna, VA / Metro DC)
August 7          Up and Running (Dayton, OH)
August 9          Big Peach Running Co. (Alpharetta, GA)

Plans for more retailer locations and expansion are already underway. For more information on Superfeet and ME3D insoles, please visit www.Superfeet.com/me3d.


Superfeet is the leader in innovative over-the-counter insoles and footwear for the active lifestyle and outdoor industries. For over 40 years Superfeet has focused on bringing innovative products to the market by seeking new solutions to everyday problems. Today, Superfeet has enabled countless people across the globe to experience a life of new possibilities by changing the way their footwear fits and functions. As a 100% employee owned company, Superfeet is dedicated to improving lives, giving 1% of profits and employee time to organizations that help people get back on their feet.  For more information, visit: www.superfeet.com.


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