Textile innovator and manufacturer Youngone wins 2025/25 ISPO Textrends Top 10 Award

November 27, 2023

Youngone’s zero-waste EcoLoft ZERO Fill and biodegradable EcoLoft Natural WoolPok insulation innovations both win ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2025/2026 Top10 Award.

SEOUL, South Korea (November 27, 2023) /OUTDOOR SORTSWIRE/ – Global textile innovator Youngone has earned the prestigious 2023/2024 ISPO Textrends Fall/Winter 2025/2026 Top10 Award for two groundbreaking material innovations: EcoLoft ZERO Fill and EcoLoft Natural WoolPok insulations. These eco-friendly innovations highlight Youngone’s commitment to sustainability in outdoor and athletic apparel manufacturing.

ISPO Textrends, an initiative by leading trade organization ISPO, annually honors outstanding new products in the textile and fabrics sector. This award emphasizes ingredient technologies that lead to innovative products, with a focus on the Fall/Winter season.

EcoLoft ZERO Fill is a pioneering 100% recycled, dye-free insulation. Developed from textile-to-textile recycled polyester, it diverts waste from landfills and minimizes environmental impact. Its innovative process involves converting DWR (PFC-FREE) scrap into super fine denier fiber through mechanical garneting, retaining the original fabric color and characteristics. This results in colored fills that enable the creation of dye-free garments, cutting down on chemical and water use. The combination of fine recycled fiber and PCR hollow fiber enhances loftiness and compressibility.

EcoLoft Natural WoolPok represents a step forward in natural, sustainable insulation. It combines naturally hollow Kapok fiber, sourced from low-input, fast-growing trees, with recycled wool, aiming for minimal carbon and methane emissions. The use of ZQ-certified natural wool in a traceable one-location recycling system reduces wool fabric scrap waste. This insulation is not only natural and biodegradable but also durable and long-lasting due to its double bonding process.

With nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor and athletic clothing and gear, Youngone continues to innovate and maintain high-quality sustainable standards. Its development of ingredient technologies, including fabrics, insulation, and membranes, is part of its strategy to enhance quality control, streamline supply chains, and reduce lead times for its customers.

Both EcoLoft ZERO Fill and EcoLoft Natural WoolPok are part of Youngone’s EcoLoft family of insulations, optimized for comfort, warmth, versatility, and sustainable material makeup.

About Youngone Corporation

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Youngone Corporation is a globally recognized manufacturer in the outdoor industry. Chairman Kihak Sung’s vision of quality and love for nature has been integral to Youngone’s operations. The company also has a North American headquarters in Seattle. More information is available at youngonecorporation.com.

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