The HuckPack Collection Is A New Seamless Way to Carry

July 9, 2024

Adaptable and Customizable: Super Pacific's New Carry System is a Game-Changer for Adventurers

PORTLAND, Ore. – July 9, 2024 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Super Pacific, renowned for its premium lightweight truck campers and accessories, today unveiled the HuckPack Collection. This innovative carry system comprises a seat organizer, duffel bag, and packing cubes that seamlessly integrate with each other, providing unparalleled adaptability and organization for adventurers on the move.

Designed for those who prioritize efficient gear management, the HuckPack Collection excels in a variety of vehicles, campers, and even as carry-on luggage. The HuckPack Duffel and HuckPack Seatback Organizer serve as the foundation to either house or attach the range of modular packing cubes to suit various gear sizes and types. The cube size ranges from small to medium sizes in a variety of dimensions that can be mixed and matched to fit each platform.

The Hero product is the clamshell-designed duffel, which is built with water- and abrasion-resistant Dimension Polyant RX36 exterior and Challenge SailCloth EPX200 liner. With the ability to open flat or hang vertically while keeping ventilated packing cubes in place. The Duffel also utilizes Dura Flex gated G-Hooks with ladder locks and camming locks. The Seatback Organizer, as the name suggests, is a rear seat organizer and features a modular hook-and-loop panel and rugged bags, allowing for infinite adaptability and customization. Packing cubes come in various sizes and in Challenge UltraGrid 100 or a ventilated mesh material and can be used interchangeably across platforms.

“The HuckPack Collection addresses the need for a flexible and adaptable gear management system,” said Peter Williams, Co-Founder of Super Pacific. “It allows users to effortlessly redistribute and reconfigure their gear within their car or camper, enhancing the overall adventure experience.”

Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip, exploring backcountry trails, or simply seeking a more organized vehicle, the HuckPack Collection offers a versatile and innovative solution.

Learn more about the HuckPack Collection at: https://superpacificusa.com/collections/huckpack

About Super Pacific:

Super Pacific is a purveyor of world class lightweight truck campers and accessories, built in Portland, Oregon, and tested for the rigors of the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2019, Super Pacific is about quality craftsmanship, and methodical design for ease-of-use and customization. Built like an airplane with laser-cut sheet aluminum and solid aircraft rivets, our flagship X1 Camper is a flexible, modular eco-system designed to keep up with your adventures. The X1 features Living Room Mode™, Flow State™ vents, modular organization accessories, all-season comfort, an impressive range of standard features, and is available for trucks from Toyota, Ford, Jeep, Ram, Chevrolet, and Honda.

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