The New Standard in High-Performance Headlamps: The Fenix HP25R V2.0

August 3, 2021

When it comes to high performance hands-free lighting solutions, Fenix has consistently created some of the very best, most reliable headlamps on the market. With the release of the HP25R V2.0, Fenix continues on their twenty year legacy of excellence. This upgraded headlamp takes notes from its predecessor by offering 10 different lighting modes, including neutral-white floodlight, spotlight, and red reading light, all on separately controlled switches. With a max output of 1,600 lumens over a distance of 951 ft (290 m), the headlamp is powerful enough to light up your entire surroundings.

Plus, with separate lamp and battery compartments, the headlamp offers a more balanced fit, making it the perfect combination of intuitive design with high-performance features. Powered by an included 21700 li-ion battery, the headlamp is easily rechargeable via its USB type-C port.

The HP25R V2.0 includes all of the useful features that users have come to expect from next generation Fenix products. The battery level indicator feature ensures users have a clear understanding of their headlamp’s battery levels at all times. The light also has the ability to tilt 60°, so users are able to position their light at just the right angle for optimal performance. Perfect for nighttime adventures, on the job, or cave exploration expeditions, the HP25R V2.0 is the new standard for high performance lighting gear.

About Fenix Lighting

Fenix Lighting is the official US distributor of Fenix products. Fenix Lighting is one of the most reputable flashlight companies in the industry and is dedicated to providing customers with the best light sources. Our high-performing LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and more give customers a wide range of lighting devices to choose from for any situation. Purchase one of our ultra-bright headlamps for hands-free lighting or buy an EDC flashlight for daily use. With regular improvements to existing lights, expect only the most high-performing, user-friendly, and brightest lights from Fenix Lighting.