The New UltrAspire Alpha 4.0 Race Vest reinvents the idea of comfort

August 2, 2019

ErgoFit™ creates a new standard for race vest comfort

The pioneer of hydration systems, Bryce Thatcher, spent unprecedented amounts of time working through every detail of the UltrAspire Alpha 4.0 race vest in effort to create a new standard of comfort, practicality, and convenience. Bryce is responsible for creating the hydration category back in 1985 and has been pioneering the industry ever since. The latest focus has been into what surveys are finding to be the most important factor when wearing a race vest, the fit and comfort.

Champion ultrarunner Amanda Basham mentions her experience with the packs unique design. “I have tried other vests, many others, but the UltrAspire packs are the only ones that don’t give me neck and shoulder fatigue,” she says. The human body shape is complex with intricate detail. The same attention to detail is present in the design of our packs to enable precise movement, contact, and weight distribution which ensures that there is never any inhibition to the biomechanics of the human body. Human shoulders aren’t straight, so a pack’s shoulder straps shouldn’t be either.

ErgoFit™ features longer straps to allow the back portion to sit deeper on the neck to prevent any rubbing. This addition in length helps to create slope as the straps come over the top of the shoulders and around the neck following the natural curve of the body. The harness then follows an S curve around the arms and chest area to avoid any hindrance to the running motion. The harness construction also helps to keep the pack balanced at any capacity to ensure the same high quality fit empty or fully loaded. In regards to balance, the load is positioned lower on the back closer to the body’s center of gravity, the hips. This placement helps to stop unnecessary energy expenditure during the long haul.

The award-winning Alpha series has always been a top seller at UltrAspire. The Alpha 4.0 brings all the positives of the previous iterations, with new additions such as the UltrAcool System™ and ErgoFit™.

About UltrAspire:

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