This Expanding $2.4M ‘Mobile Estate’ RV Used to Be Will Smith’s Movie Set Trailer

January 2, 2022

Smith could literally and figuratively raise the roof in this 1,200-square-foot behemoth, which is as big as some full-time homes and includes a 30-person screening room. Today, you can rent it for a mere $9,000 per night from Anderson Mobile Estates, based in Elgin, Texas.

This double-decker RV sits on 22 wheels. It features eight pistons that raise the top by 42 inches by applying 2,000 pounds of pressure, expanding it to its full capacity. While it boasts a $200,000 kitchen, I’m thinking the Smith family probably had a private chef in there too. If you have the cash to rent it for nine grand per day, you might want to bring along your own cook as well. The Drive