Thor’s 2022 Tranquility 4×4 Camper Van Will Have You Living Wherever You Want

October 7, 2021

To create the ultimate mobile home, buyers need to invest a pretty penny in order enjoy a living space suitable of the status ‘home’. The Thor Motor Coach, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, is going to perform everything the buyer might need to live life off-grid for a short while. Coming in with a starting price of $148,680 (€128,548 at current exchange rates), it comes in with such a price is because it uses a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter van as the base. Exterior standard features include Thule roof ladder, lateral arm power patio awning, and even a bike rack on the rear door. Top-mounted LED bar, off-road tires, and 190-watt solar panel are also standard. Auto Evolution