TIME Launches Brand New Aero Road and Enduro Pedal lines for 2018

October 6, 2017

New lines use same engagement systems as existing Xpresso and ATAC lines, with purpose-built body designs

TIME is excited to introduce two new pedal projects to the cycling community, continuing in the TIME tradition of innovation and competitive excellence.


Building off the benchmark performance and ease-of-use of the Xpresso pedal, TIME introduces the next generation of road pedal performance: the all-new XPRO. Featuring a wider platform for more power and comfort, and a new lightweight aerodynamic design, the XPRO is packed with features aimed at high-performance riders to elite-level athletes.

XPRO 15 (MSRP $600)

The flagship model features a carbon body, hollow titanium spindle and CeramicSpeed bearings for a very lightweight top-of the line performance; 88g / per pedal.

XPRO 12 (MSRP $400)

Features a carbon body and titanium spindle; 94g / per pedal

XPRO 10 (MSRP $250)

Features a carbon body and hollow stainless-steel spindle; 113g / per pedal.


TIME pedals are well known and respected in mountain bike circles. Built on the foundation of TIME’s ATAC pedals, the all new Speciale 12 is an Enduro pedal built around the unique needs of Enduro riders. Featuring an all-new platform shape with a longer, thinner profile, the Speciale 12 provides a more stable and comfortable platform for mountain bike riders. The thinner body profile reduces weight as well as exposure to rock and root pedal strikes.


Available in three colors – anodized red, blue, and gray. Features a hollow steel spindle; 202g / per pedal

The new XPRO and SPECIALE pedals will be available at TIME retailer locations, Fall 2017.

About TIME:

Over the past 30 years, TIME Sport has garnered a reputation of innovation and excellence throughout the cycling world. Founded in the Rhône Alps region of France by Roland Cattin, TIME Sport began with the patent of the industry’s first biomechanical clipless pedal before moving onto the manufacturing of high-performance carbon forks and frames in the early 90’s. Throughout this period, TIME Sport has become an iconic global cycling brand with success at the highest levels of professional competition.