TIME Releases Second Model in Enduro-Focused Speciale Line of Clipless, Platform Pedals

March 1, 2019

Speciale 8 is lower price-point offering to lauded original model, Speciale 12

A year ago, TIME launched its first Enduro pedal in aluminum, the Speciale 12, today, TIME launches its little sister, the Speciale 8. The Speciale 8 is still as reliable but more compact, lighter and more affordable with a price of 149€

The Speciale 8 is made with an aluminum body which is slightly more compact than the Speciale 12, two adjustable pins to optimize grip and a micrometric tension system to meet the demands of the most specific riders. Its easy engagement and closure system (ATAC) is well known for years and allows easy entry and exit even in the most difficult conditions. The Speciale 8 is fully assembled in France in our factory in Never.

As you will see in our launch video below , our ambassador Remy Metailler and Nicolas Quéré have already tested and approved the SP8 in all conditions.

Video on the Time’s Facebook on launch day Video on Time’s YouTube on launch day

Media kit on Dropbox (retrievable now)

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 196g per pedal/ 392g per pair
  • Dimension : Length : 90mm, Width : 64mm, Thickness : 21mm
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Technologies: ATAC/ Self Cleaning/ Micrometric tightening
  • Cleats: ATAC 13°/17°
  • Hollow steel axis
  • Steel bearing

Price: $125

Available late February

Associated technologies

ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept)

ATAC technology was developed by our engineers to make the step-in and step-out easier in our mtb pedals range: enduro, cyclocross and cross-country. The step-in is made by 2 movements: one to the bottom of the pedal, and the second downward. Touring/casual cyclists will be familiar with the automatic pedals and racers looking for performance will be out in front when it comes to step-in.


Self-cleaning is characterized by an instantaneous cleaning at step-in. This technology is applied to our whole mtb range: enduro, cyclocross and cross-country.

Micrometrical adjustment

To make performance and biomechanics one and the same, we developed a system on our MTB pedals to adjust the spring tension. A touring cyclist looking for an easy step-out could choose the low tension position whereas a racer would opt for the high tension to have more security in extreme conditions.

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