Tread Labs Donates 2% of Profits to Black Voters Matter

November 16, 2020

Woburn, Mass. — On June 16, 2020, Massachusetts-based insole manufacturer Tread Labs committed to donating 2% of their profits from that day through Election Day to the organization Black Voters Matter. Black Voters Matter is an organization that strives to “increase power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities” through voting encouragement. They operate based on the fact that voting allows individuals to determine their community’s destiny.

“Eliminating systemic racism in this country is a moral and ethical imperative,” says Tread Labs founder Mark Paigen. “Tread Labs pledged 2% of profits from June to November 2020 to Black Voters Matter, an organization that empowers black communities. We appreciate those who have brought this issue to the forefront and will continue to support it in the future.”

Other actions that Tread Labs has put in place since June include re-evaluating and re-structuring its hiring process, partnerships and contracts to increase diversity and developed anti-racist and anti-hate education opportunities for its workforce.

For more information about Tread Labs visit treadlabs.com or contact Danny Kuzio, at dk@pressforwardpr.com.