TÜV Rheinland Issues cTUVus Certificate for Aventon Electric Bike

February 14, 2022

Aventon is the first to receive this prestigious award for product quality and safety

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – On January 26, TÜV Rheinland issued the TÜV Rheinland North America cTUVus Certificate to Aventon. This is the first time TÜV Rheinland has ever issued this type of certificate to a company. Frank Holzmann, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland, Business Field Electrical, and JW Zhang, owner & Founder of the Aventon brand, attended the online certificate awarding ceremony.

In 2020, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) issued an action plan announcement requiring that the electrical systems of all electric bikes must comply with the UL 2849 standard to ensure bike safety. The UL2849 Standard for electric vehicles involves product safety, battery management system (BMS), software evaluation, and functional safety evaluation requirements. In addition, it also has safety standard requirements for the controller, motor, charger, and other components.

Frank Holzmann remarked, “The issuance of the TÜV Rheinland cTUVus Certificate for the Aventon electric bike is the first certificate issued according to the latest international standard UL2849. TÜV Rheinland looks forward to working with more manufacturers to help Chinese brands quickly enter the North American market, build up consumer confidence, and enhance brand influence by improving product quality in the industry.”

In the product testing and evaluation process, North American certification experts from TÜV Rheinland worked closely with Aventon technicians to conduct detailed evaluation and analysis on the failure mode of the product’s electrical system in strict accordance with the requirements of the new standard. They evaluated the product’s electrical safety and battery charge and discharge management system and ensured that the product’s electrical safety protection circuit design meets the requirements of the UL2849 Standard in one go.

JW Zhang noted, “In the future, Aventon will continue to improve its product quality and join hands with TÜV Rheinland to align itself with relevant international standards and ensure product safety.”

As an international independent third-party testing, inspection, and certification organization, TÜV Rheinland is committed to providing product safety and quality certification services for Chinese manufacturers. In the future, TÜV Rheinland will continue to improve its standard certification services for electric vehicles, keep abreast of the market trends, provide one-stop localization services for Chinese manufacturing enterprises through its rich experience and advanced technology, and help them better adapt to the globalization process and enter the international market.

About Aventon:

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