Velocio Announces 2023 UNITY Jersey to Support Mental Health

May 4, 2023

The jersey design reflects that life will be messy, and the lines we use to define our days will never be straight.

Londonderry, NH (May, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –Velocio is proud to announce the release of their 2023 UNITY special-edition jersey to raise awareness and support for mental health initiatives around the globe.

One of the greatest challenges with mental health is starting—finding the motivation to take that first step. Our lives rarely follow a straight line, and they’re never as simple as black and white. UNITY 2023 is a physical representation of the circuitous journey each individual navigates.

The 2023 UNITY jersey is available for pre-order now through May 14, 2023 at velocio.cc. Deliveries are expected mid-summer.

One hundred percent of this year’s jersey profits will support two mental health-focused non-profit partners (chosen by customers at checkout): NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health based in the United States or WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health based in Europe.

There’s no simple answer to addressing mental health. It’s a series of messy and mixed emotions, punctuated by bright spots of connection and joy—a journey that is reflected in the UNITY 2023 design.

The jersey design represents that life will be messy, and the lines we use to define our days will never be straight. The color, texture, and light in our lives—our connections and our community—are what provide support and solidarity to begin, and to keep going.

UNITY 2023 takes the versatility of Velocio’s renowned Signature Jersey and attaches it to a campaign for supporting those struggling with mental health. The UNITY SE offers an exceptionally functional reminder to continue moving forward.

For more information visit velocio.cc or contact Hayden Carpenter at hc@pressforwardpr.com.

About Velocio

Velocio began because they believed there was a better way to create, market and celebrate cycling and cycling apparel. Launching with a women’s collection in 2014, they have been driven by three pillars: design, responsibility, and culture. That there is a better way to make kit, ride, work and design is the thread running through Velocio. It’s what makes them unique and what drives them to find products, people and events that highlight a better riding experience.

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