Vertical Brands welcomes COO to the Team, Christopher Pete

October 26, 2022

Eatontown, NJ /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ Christopher Pete has excelled as well as thrived in the outdoors most of his life. His love for the outdoors started young as his father and older brother would take him on adventures summiting many of the ADK High Peaks before he was even ten. From there he became one of the youngest PSIA instructors hired in the state of NJ at only 16 years old. Chris eventually went on to earn his M.A. from Columbia University where he would realize he wanted to work in the very industry that drove his passions, the outdoor industry.

His experiences fluctuate from product development to wholesale and everything else in between. Chris has spent 22 years in the outdoor industry with 10 of those years as a divisional COO and eventually CEO of a publicly traded manufacturing corporation. He is a proven executive with two decades of outdoor manufacturing and operational experience.  From bringing multiple outdoor brands to market to utilizing first to market technology to enable their success. Christopher Neary, CEO of Vertical Brands says, “Chris’s collective experiences over the years are congruent with the excellence that Vertical Brands expects from its leaders.”

Along with Chris comes decades of experience running all facets of a manufacturing company including brand management, B2B/D2C sales, marketing, global sourcing, and a focus on the internal operations; all which will help Vertical Brands continue to exceed their consumer’s growing need for high quality outdoor gear.

Chris anticipates that his contributions will be demanding, “At the onset I will be rolling out a robust new CRM and ERP that I expect will keep Vertical Brand’s in-house brands as industry leaders going forward. I am very honored and excited to be at the ground level of a company about to experience exponential growth in the months to follow.”

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Vertical Brands is the leading brand builder in the outdoor and performance markets. Bringing decades of experience in textile/product manufacturing for a global network in addition to design talent and proven sales performance to every relationship. Vertical Brands is expertly capable in licensing, acquisition, and partnerships. CB Sports Apparel and Neve Designs are included on the Vertical Brands Platform.

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