WH inc. Welcomes 10 Barrel to its Family of Outdoor, Active Lifestyle Brands

November 14, 2022

Seattle, WA (November 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –  Seattle’s leading marketing and public relations agency for active lifestyle brands, WH inc., is thrilled to announce the most recent addition to its roster of powerful clients in the outdoor space—10 Barrel Brewing Co. out of Bend, Ore. Known for crafting trend-setting beer and canned cocktails, and having the most fun doing it, 10 Barrel’s adventure-driven ethos delivers them as a natural partner for WH inc.

Though its artisanal brews have won awards at festivals across the globe, 10 Barrel’s target consumer isn’t the judges—it’s people who like to get wild outdoors with a beer in-hand. With a passion for excellent ingredients and a no holds barred policy on creativity, its team of world-class brewmasters innovates paradigm-shifting products. More than simply beer makers, 10 Barrel sets itself apart as a conductor of outdoor culture with five booming breweries and a collection of community-oriented annual events.


“Kicking the relationship off with WH inc. has felt like the most natural fit for our brand,” says Brian Hughes, 10 Barrel Director of Brand Marketing. “Authenticity is a core value for both 10 Barrel and WH, plus we’re both based in the Pacific Northwest and strongly rooted in the outdoors. The combined potential is infinite. We look forward to all that we will accomplish together in the years to come, and the many good times we’ll share doing it.”

As an outdoor and active lifestyle-focused agency, WH inc.’s expansive network provides an ideal platform for 10 Barrel’s mission. With deep-seeded relationships in media niches like action sports, skiing, biking, camping, overlanding and outdoor cooking, WH inc. has a proven track record for elevating and expanding its partners’ reputations across verticals. Adding success to its mission, WH inc.’s annual LUMINATE media gear guide showcases clients in front of industry tastemakers, delivering awareness on the global stage. As 10 Barrel’s newest partner, WH inc. looks forward to making beer and good times outside universally synonymous, delivering the tastiest craft beverages available unto every active, outdoor lifestyle.

“We’ve been long-time enthusiasts of 10 Barrel and its variety of tasty craft beer and cocktails, but now that we’re really diving into the brand culture on an internal level, it’s super impressive to witness the passion that every person on the team embodies and puts forth,” says Tara Yant, PR Director at WH inc. “Along with WH’s natural fervor for celebrating a solid outdoor adventure with a cold beer, we are beyond excited to come together and share our professional expertise with the 10 Barrel team. There are some exciting plans falling into place for 2023, so stay tuned for more!”

About 10 Barrel

10 Barrel Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Bend, Oregon, featuring innovative beers brewed locally at each of its five brewpub locations in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado. 10 Barrel has one simple mindset: Brew beer, drink beer, and have fun doing it. For more about 10 Barrel Brewing Co. visit

About WH inc. 

Founded in Seattle, WA in 1969, WH inc. is a full-service marketing, communications and PR agency with a focus on inspiring and galvanizing the healthy active lifestyle audience. Over its 50 years in business, the agency has worked with a wide range of national and global brands and holds a deep passion for the products it represents. To learn more, visit

photo caption: Combining forces, WH and 10 Barrel kick things off with a bang.