Whitewater Technology launches Paddle Amnesty and demo program at North Fork Championship this weekend.

June 17, 2021

Offering paddlers the chance to recycle their old paddles in return for a rebate on a brand new Whitewater Technology paddle made from recycled carbon fiber.

Today Whitewater Technology, launches a first of it’s kind paddle recycling program at this weekend’s North Fork Championship on June 18-20th. The Paddle Amnesty program gives paddlers the opportunity to recycle any old, damaged or broken paddle at each event.

Every paddle amnesty participant will receive a rebate on a new Whitewater Technology paddle made from recycled carbon fiber, closing the loop and saving old paddles from ending up in landfill. This sustainable model has been a goal from day 1 for Whitewater Technology founder Oliver Wainwright:

“Ever since we started exploring the possibilities of making high performance paddles using recycled carbon fiber we’ve been really excited about this idea of a closed loop model. After many months of development we’ve not only managed to design and manufacture a high performing whitewater paddle right here in the USA. But with the addition of the paddle amnesty program we can save broken paddles from ending up in landfill.”

Since launching the brand in October last year with their first pre-sales program, Whitewater Technology has been developing their USA based production operation in Greenville, SC. With the first limited production run of pre-sale and demo paddles recently completed, paddles are now on sale via or soon at select dealers on a 6 week lead time.

Additionally visitors to the North Fork Championship will also be able to demo WT paddles at the Whitewater Technology booth, and have a chance to enter a raffle to win a one off, fully custom paddle designed for the North Fork Championships.

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