Wild Rye (redux), a Peer-to-Peer Re-Commerce Platform, Launches To Reduce Waste and Suit Evolving Needs

June 23, 2022

Wild Rye and Treet bring new life and longevity to coveted apparel and gear

Sun Valley, ID (June 23, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Wild Rye, leader in outdoor apparel made by and for women and women-identifying individuals, is proud to announce the launch of Wild Rye (redux), a peer-to-peer re-commerce platform in partnership with Treet. Globally, 85% of pre-loved clothing ends up in landfills or burned, and Wild Rye’s mission to “protect the places we play” extends to elongating the lifecycle of their own products through a consumer-facing resale platform. This initiative, which launched this month, helps to support the brand’s greater sustainability and better business mission, alongside partnerships with 1% For The Planet and as a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

“Our customers are almost entirely women-identifying, which comes with many body changes throughout our lives – pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, and so much more – meanwhile, our product is built to last a lifetime,” commented Wild Rye founder & CEO, Cassie Abel. “Discovering Treet, a platform that makes it possible for smaller brands to offer a peer-to-peer resale platform while still giving people the Wild Rye customer experience, was the answer to many of our challenges.”

Customers are able to re-sell their pre-loved gear and shop for other styles all on the same interface and can redeem sales for cash or brand credit. Brand credit gives 110% of the sold value to the customer and cash gives 80%. Re-selling will also enable customers an opportunity to purchase high-quality pre-loved gear at a greatly decreased price tag, creating an easier and more affordable access point to the outdoors. “Wild Rye is the prime example of a brand walking the walk when it comes to sustainability and putting their customers first. We’re honored to work with such a forward-thinking brand to help their apparel live a second, third, and fourth life,” explained Jake Disraeli, Treet CEO.

Steps to participate in Wild Rye (redux):

  1. Visit https://wildrye.treet.co/about/info to buy or sell gear
  2. Browse the verified collection of pre-loved gear, or fill out a quick questionnaire and take a few photos of your gear to start the selling process
  3. After it’s sold, Treet will email you a prepaid shipping label to ship it. Redeem the sale for cash (up to 80% value) or brand credit (up to 110% value)

As a consumer and partner-first brand, Wild Rye is constantly innovating when it comes to creating products and opportunities that are both environmentally friendly and provide inclusive ways to experience the outdoors. Wild Ryd (redux) tackles both issues and is a step toward creating a sustainable future for product circulatory.

For more information, please visit https://wildrye.treet.co/about/info


Press Contact: Luma Randolph | luma@outsidepr.com | 415-879-9036

About Wild Rye

Founded in August 2016, Wild Rye™ brings beautiful and technical mountain apparel to all who identify as women, and aims to inspire confidence and get more women outside. Wild Rye apparel never compromises on fit, performance, and contemporary style and is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive access point to the outdoors, cycling and snowsports, by building confidence and community, protecting the places we play. Wild Rye is proudly Climate Neutral Certified, member of 1% for the Planet and Wood River Trails Coalition Business, and a SheJumps partner. Wild Rye is a shape inclusive brand that celebrates all women, and is continually working to improve both brand and product experience for consumers. Wild Rye products are designed and tested in its Sun Valley, Idaho mountain home and are available in specialty retailers across the country and REI, Title Nine and more. Learn more at wild-rye.com.