Yak Wool Pioneer Kora Launches New Yushu Base Layer Collection

February 3, 2021

Yak Wool Supercharges Merino in Kora’s Soft, High-Performance New Fabric

February 3, 2021 – kora (https://koraoutdoor.com), the pioneer in using Yak wool for performance apparel, today announces the launch of its new Yushu collection of base layers, which provide exceptional warmth, softness and breathability with added corespun panels to ramp up strength and durability in high-wear areas.

Kora’s new Hima-Layer™ Yushu fabric is knitted out of 60% premium Yak wool with 40% superfine Merino (18.5 micron certified mulesing-free) and comes in at 240 grams per square meter. With Yushu, kora has created an ultra-breathable fabric that has a wonderfully soft handle for everyday skin-fit comfort and provides yak wool’s exceptional Himalayan-born warmth. Kora designs and tests all of its own Hima-Layer™ fabrics, and has been developing high-performance yak wool base- and mid-layers since 2011.

“We’ve been working on the Yushu fabric for three years because we had to be absolutely sure it met the standards of our other Hima-Layer™ fabrics, and we’re extremely proud of the new collection,” said kora founder, Michael Kleinwort. “As a natural performance fiber, there’s simply nothing that outperforms yak in terms of breathability and thermoregulation, and Yushu is designed to be the essential base layer that meets the needs of anyone from the most demanding athletes to those working from home.”

The Yushu Collection is named after the Himalayan home of kora’s yaks: the Yushu prefecture sits at 4800ms / 16,000 feet of altitude on the Qinghai Tibet plateau. The collection launches with styles for men and women, including long-sleeve tops, leggings and men’s shorts, as well as a hat and neck gaiter. All styles come in black and feature corespun merino textile (a nylon yarn wrapped in merino) to increase durability in high-wear areas such as the crotch and the under-arm. All seams are crafted with overlock and triple step zig-zag stitching ensuring a completely flat yet ultra-strong finish.

The pieces in the Yushu collection are finished at the cuff with a coloured woven tape inspired by the colours of prayer flags and the terrain of the Himalayas, making each Yushu piece unique. Prices range from $45 for the hat to $140 for the long-sleeve zip top.

The benefits of Yushu’s yak and merino combination include:

  • Exceptionally warm in very cold weather, yet cool and comfortable during intense exercise
  • Breathable and draws moisture away from the skin so you stay dry
  • Naturally odor-resistant, so you can wear it for days at a time and pack light
  • Super-soft and itch-free for more comfort
  • Natural stretch that flexes as you move
  • Built-in 40+ UPF sun protection
  • Machine washable; dries fast

Explore the new Yushu collection at: https://www.koraoutdoor.com/pages/the-yushu-collection

About kora:

Founded in 2013, kora is the pioneer of harnessing the potential of yak wool for athletic pursuits, and sources its wool direct from a cooperative of nomadic yak herders, supporting their traditional way of life. Kora designs and develops all of its own Hima-Layer™ fabrics, which are used across its award-winning line of baselayers, midlayers, and accessories. Kora continues to push the boundaries of technology to create products for outdoor adventures using yak wool – the Himalayan miracle fibre.

Kora’s Mission: To craft yak wool’s miracle properties to offer supreme comfort; make the highest performance products on fair trade principles; and never compromise on quality or integrity. Learn more at https://koraoutdoor.com and visit @koraoutdoor on Instagram and Facebook

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