Youer Successfully funds ‘Community Supported Apparel’ campaign to bring a first-of-its-kind manufacturing facility in Montana

October 28, 2021

Missoula, Montana (October 28, 2021) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Youer has reached its recent crowdfunding campaign goal in order to help fund an apparel manufacturing facility in Missoula, Montana. The Youer CSA — short for “community supported apparel” — will enable the activewear brand to secure a location and begin building a production space that will be called the Youniverse.

The campaign raised a cumulative $104,000, from 535 backers allowing the 6-year-old activewear brand to launch a production facility in 2022.

“When the CSA reached its goal, what was one small step for Youer became one giant leap for building the Youniverse,” Ottariano said. “I’m stoked to have the support of over 500 people who believe that building experiential production in small-town Montana is the right next step too.”

The campaign ran Sept. 28 to Oct. 28 on www.shopyouer.com. With funds from the campaign, Ottariano aims to secure a building in late 2021 or 2022, and have machines and sewists in place next year to fulfill demand for the growing brand’s activewear leggings, dresses, and other apparel.

Youer is a community-centric business and wants their customers to be involved in their decisions. “We are creating our own whimsical clothing factory outside Missoula, Montana, in order to have more control over how, when, and where our products are made,” Ottariano said.“We did this all together, proving that a community of people who love to stand out from the crowd has the power to change the direction of small business, and a large industry.”

For more information about the Youer campaign, contact Megan Davin at md@pressforwardpr.com.


Youer started in 2012 (as Kind Apparel) with a $100 sewing machine from Ebay, a corner of Mallory’s parents’ basement, and an Etsy shop where she sold one of a kind t-shirt skirts. Today, Youer is a brand focused on creating tools for individuals to express themselves through bold colors and bright patterns. Learn more: https://www.shopyouer.com Instagram @shopyouer