Your BOGS will go on. And on. BOGS Footwear Partners with ReCircled to Create ReUse a Boot Program

April 22, 2024

ReUse a Boot Keeps Used Footwear Out of Landfills and Supports Outdoor Education Organizations

PORTLAND, OR / April 22, 2024 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills annually. Conscious consumers are looking for solutions. Bogs Footwear, makers of outdoor boots, has partnered with ReCircled to create their ReUse a Boot program to keep used and discarded BOGS boots out of landfills.

The program is simple for BOGS owners. When they’re done with their boots, they can simply send them back to the company, and BOGS will pay for the shipping. If still usable, the boots and shoes are cleaned up and donated to an outdoor education non-profit. If the boots have reached their end of useful life, BOGS will work with ReCircled to recycle the old boots into something new.

“It’s really exciting to find a program like this where reducing impact is simple for the consumer and easy to grasp,” said David Cook, VP of Marketing at BOGS. “All apparel, footwear and consumer products have a production impact and we know so much of what we wear ends up in landfills. Partnering with ReCircled was an easy yes for us, and our history of supporting outdoor non-profits will now go on, just like the boots themselves. This is a true brand-to-consumer partnership too, in which wearers can easily help us to reduce our bootprint.”

The ReUse a Boot program officially kicks off on April 22, 2024. Consumers can learn more about BOGS and the ReUse a Boot program here. For more information about how ReCircled repurposes consumer products, visit ReCircled.com.

About BOGS Footwear

BOGS Footwear, based in Portland, Oregon, and founded in 2002, specializes in designing and making waterproof boots and shoes for agricultural use, outdoor activities, and everyday life, using sustainable materials wherever possible, including Bloom and Yulex.

About ReCircled
ReCircled facilitates the transition from a linear to circular model for the world’s foremost luxury brands. In the circular economy, ReCircled allows for clothing and accessories to be put back to use. Rather than going to a landfill or shredded for scrap, the ReCircled process keeps material from apparel and accessories at their highest value, which is a core value of sustainability. To learn more, visit ReCircled.com