Yuba Bikes Introduces New Cargo Bikes for 2017

June 13, 2017

Carrying the Weight With Style and Ease

Cotati, CA (June 13, 2017)Yuba bicycles is pleased to launch three new models for 2017, the Supermarche, the Spicy Curry with Bosch motor and the Sweet Curry, building on the groundswell that Yuba started with their first cargo bike, which introduced a lifestyle change that enables families to celebrate the cycling culture, combining everyday life, being outside and having fun.

“Yuba cargo bikes have been changing lives since 2007,” said Benjamin Sarrazin, Founder and CEO of Yuba.  “Cargo bikes are an important tool for social change and promoting a healthy lifestyle. There’s a real change happening in communities, people want to spend more time together, be active and healthy. Yuba Cargo Bikes are at the forefront of this movement.”

While the concept of cargo bikes has been around for years, Yuba cargo bikes not only create a more efficient, healthier way to get your errands done, but they add a distinct element of fun, plus the ability to safely bring the family, for a more satisfying cycling experience. The family that bikes together stays together!

Introducing the Supermarché, http://yubabikes.com/cargobikestore/supermarche Yuba’s first front loading cargo bike, designed especially for carrying large heavy loads, like a week’s trip to the supermarket, well-behaved children, or a couple of kegs, just in case you come across a party.

Sometimes called Box Bikes or Long Johns, front loading cargo bikes carry a lot of weight with ease and stability.  The Supermarché’s cable actuated steering, tried-and-tested stable geometry, great handling and confidence inspiring stability makes it as much fun to ride as it is to load up. The low-front cargo area has a capacity of 220 lbs, which means it can both take the kids to school and grab your shopping on the way home. $2599 Available June 2017

The new 2017 Spicy Curry Bosch http://yubabikes.com/cargobikestore/spicy-curry-bosch features the upgraded BOSCH performance CX motor and a 400wh power pack, giving you the ability to take your Spicy Curry up hills with ease or extending your cargo carrying range.

The Spicy Curry is currently setting a new world electric bike record for the amount of miles ridden on an E-bike, currently Mike Minnick and his trusty side kick Bixby the dog http://wheresbixby.com/ have ridden over 20,000 miles.

The Sweet Curry is the pedal powered version of the popular Spicy Curry. The Sweet Curry features the same lightweight Aluminum frame and 20” rear wheel as the Spicy, using the extra long luggage rack to its advantage. The Sweet Curry can carry loads up to 300 lbs with no fuss.

Yuba offers a wide variety of add-on accessories to turn your bike from the two-kid family taxi to a luggage-hauling workhorse.

  • Spicy Curry Bosch $4499 Available mid May 2017
  • Sweet Curry $2199 Available June 2017


Yuba® Bicycles was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Benjamin Sarrazin, who is on a mission to bring the European cycling lifestyle and utility to the United States. Cargo bikes are an authentic means of sustainable transportation that can help make a tangible change within our vehicle dependent society. Yuba manufactures award-winning environmentally sustainable pedal and electric cargo bikes that provide significant utility, convenience and health benefits for riders of all ages. Life is better and more productive on two-wheels. Visit yubabikes.com for more information and dealer locations

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