Yuba Bikes Moves Headquarters

January 25, 2018

Cotati, CA (January 25, 2018) – Yuba Bikes www.yubabikes.com, is excited to announce that they have relocated their office and warehouse headquarters to Cotati, CA. Originally based in Petaluma, CA, the company has moved into a larger space to manage production growth.

The new space in Cotati houses both the Yuba office headquarters and warehouse for more streamlined production and delivery execution. The upgraded warehouse space is triple the size of the original facility in Petaluma. With deep roots in Sonoma County, it was an easy transition to the new space down the road.

“This new location is exactly what we needed,” said Benjamin Sarrazin, founder of Yuba. “Having the warehouse and office within the same building and dramatically increase in size, is a necessary step to accommodate the growing demand for our product.”

New office headquarters will house more bicycles, foster more unique and creative ideas, and help bring more bicycle joy to each family.


Yuba® Bicycles was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Benjamin Sarrazin, who is on a mission to bring the European cycling lifestyle and utility to the United States. Cargo bikes are an authentic means of sustainable transportation that can help make a tangible change within our vehicle dependent society. Yuba manufactures award-winning environmentally sustainable pedal and electric cargo bikes that provide significant utility, convenience and health benefits for riders of all ages. Life is better and more productive on two-wheels. Visit yubabikes.com for more information and dealer locations.

Media Contact:
Katie Metzler
Terra PR