A Movement Toward Health – the Journey of Building Brands

June 14, 2017

Beverage Brand Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Villager Goods, Josh Landan Assumes Role as CEO and Drives Healthy Change

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 13, 2017) Since its launch in the Fall of 2016, Villager Goods has entirely focused its efforts on giving the beverage industry a voice and affecting positive change in the action sports space. Over the years, the action sports industry has been dominated by energy drinks, focused on generating physical and mental stimulation, while delivering superficial adrenaline. A single energy drink contains an average of 29 grams of sugar and according to the American Heart Association this equates to about 116% of the average recommended daily sugar intake for women and 76% of daily intake for men. Unfortunately for an athlete, sugar inhibits performance, whereas the healthy carbohydrates are key to sustaining optimal strength and energy.

When beverage brand entrepreneur Josh Landan, previously Co-Founder and CEO of San Diego-based Saint Archer Brewing, identified an opportunity to develop and invest in the category of health-conscious coconut water, he was inspired by his close network of professional athletes consuming coconut water, but none of them identified with a single brand. Coconut water is best regarded as a rich source of potassium, manganese, magnesium, folate, calcium and selenium.  The easily digested carbohydrates deliver refreshing, hydrating benefits and are a good source of electrolytes. Coconut water, particularly in health-conscious Southern California is a way of life and this category had been mostly untapped in the action sports market, until the launch of Villager Goods.

Notably, Landan has now assumed the role of full-time Villager Goods CEO, and is dedicated to building a positive and healthy beverage brand, targeting the influential action sports market. Villager Goods is a line of food and beverage products backed by influential action sports personalities like Paul Rodriquez, Alana Blanchard, Andrew Reynolds, Shane O’Neill, Pat Moore, Jack Freestone, and more. Several of the influential professional athletes involved parted ways with large figure energy drink endorsements to personally invest in Villager, a brand they can stand behind and support.

“The key thing that made me believe in the product was the idea of introducing something healthy to the action sports world because there are really no beverage brands representing healthy lifestyles in our world. We all came together to put our money where our mouth is and get behind the movement” – Paul Rodriguez, Professional Skater and Villager Goods Co-Owner, on why he invested and became part of the Villager Goods family.

The company’s first product is an organic and not-from concentrate coconut water line, available in three flavors – original, pineapple and chocolate, and sold at an average wallet-friendly price of $2.50.  With Josh Landan at the helm, the brand has excelled and is now available at nearly all national grocery retailers and convenience stores, such as Ralphs, Bristol Farms, Smart and Final, Vons, Albertsons, Lazy Acres, 7 Eleven, Chevron Gas Stations and more.

Most recently, Landan’s innate knack for brand building and film-making, coupled with the authentic desire of all co-owners to affect positive change, inspired the Villager Goods team to take a grassroots marketing approach and grow brand awareness via a Villager Goods Road Trip. It was important for all key stakeholders involved to celebrate the consumer, the kids skating at the parks, the families shopping at the stores and give back with a dedicated pro-athlete packed tour. Over the course of 7 days, invested skate legends like Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Reynolds, Guy Marian and Eric Koston (among the few) set out on a road trip to personally visit key accounts, retailers and skate shops. View their story HERE.

With the focus on consumer well-being with a quality, organic product range, backed by influential personalities with a passion and dedication to positive change, the brand has a bright future ahead with focused long-term goals.

“It doesn’t stop with coconut water for us,” says Landan, Villager Goods CEO. “Villager Goods has many other beverage and food extensions coming in the future. Right now, our focus is coconut water and bringing that to as many people as possible. We are working hard and believe in what we are doing and we hope that people come on this journey with us.”

About Villager Goods
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