A Superior Ride With Stromer Bikes

April 15, 2019

Commute with speed, style, and efficiency with the new sleek Stromer ST3

Hop on, push the pedals, and glide to work on a dynamic, powerful, silent e-bike. That’s how today’s generation arrives at work on time. The new Stromer ST3 is designed to keep you feeling fresh and avoiding the road rage of the daily commute. Why? Because it offers just the right support, comfort, stability and thrust up to 28 mph. The new ST3 offers a unique experience through aligning performance, and a silent ride. Sailing past the other commuters on your way to work is just the beginning of the joy you’ll feel.

The secret behind ST3’s power is its newly engineered SYNO Drive II rear hub, which packs a punch of 650 W and transfers 44 Nm of torque directly to the road surface. The motor is not only highly efficient, but it also captures the energy released during breaking in its powerful BQ814 battery with a range up to 90 miles. Bottom line: With the new Stromer ST3, you won’t be sweaty or exhausted when you get to work – unless you want the workout, of course.

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Ideal conditions for a safe ride

ST3’s frame geometry is ideal for the needs of commuters: The short chainstays, short wheelbase, and low bottom bracket are perfectly adapted to the 27.5-inch wheels for the ultimate riding experience. But safety always comes first in Stromer’s S-class pedal-assist e-bikes. Look no further than the outstanding grip of the Cycl-e ST tires, developed by Pirelli specifically for Stromer. The proprietary LED headlight features both low and high-beam mode, and Stromer’s brake system relies on four pistons in the front and two in the rear.

The choice of various stem and handlebar configurations and the future option of a suspension fork offer a special boost in personalized riding comfort. Like all Stromer models, ST3 also has excellent communication skills – with complete connectivity supporting a wide range of features. Stromer’s very own OMNI app turns the rider’s smartphone into an onboard computer and also offers reliable theft protection with a lock, alarm, and GPS location that puts an end to bike theft. Bluetooth connectivity enables seamless locking and unlocking, with a keyless battery eject providing the final exquisite touch in the new generation of Stromer e-bikes.

Last but not least, ST3 is easy on the eyes, with its appearance and design language. The high-end technology is discreetly concealed in the clean design, leaving the stunned admirer looking in vain for any sign of loose wires. Even the front and rear lights don’t break the clean symmetry as they are nestled unobtrusively within the frame. The battery, by the way, is just where Stromer has always put it: hidden in the down tube. The speedometer and touch display are elegantly integrated into the top tube.

MSRP ST3: 814 W battery: 7,499 US$


MOTOR Stromer | SYNO Drive II | 44 Nm | 650 W (Class 3), RANGE up to 90 miles | 814 Wh battery, TIRES Pirelli Cycl-e ST for Stromer, KEYLESS battery ejection, SEAMLESS locking/unlocking, FRAME SIZE Comfort M / Sport M | L | XL, STEM Urban | Urban Comfort, FRAME COLOR Black or Cool White

Equipment includes:

Starting and push assistance, recuperation, full connectivity via touch display, Stromer OMNI app incl. anti-theft protection and GPS localization as well as a phone holder. Optional equipment includes suspension fork, comfort stem and battery upgrade (BQ983 – range up to 110 miles). See for further technical details

About myStromer AG

myStromer AG develops and sells innovative electric bikes worldwide. The company’s strength is the development of bicycle technology, electrical components, software and their system integration. By striving incessantly for superlative quality and innovative technologies as well as steadily improving the standards of design, it delivers an entirely new and unique riding experience. Stromer bikes are therefore the ideal solution to the challenges of everyday commuter travel in urban areas. The Swiss brand was established in 2009. In March 2013, myStromer AG moved into its head office in Oberwangen, near Bern. As well as housing the management functions, the Oberwangen office is also home to the development department, the assembly department, logistics, a service department and a Stromer flagship store.

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