A Year in the Works, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Launches Major Company Rebrand, Feb 3rd

February 2, 2016

Dials In Minimalist Messaging With a Focus on Innovative and Optimized, USA-Made Gear

Biddeford, Maine: Hyperlite Mountain Gear recently completely rebranded the company to dial its messaging on optimized, minimalist outdoor equipment and refocus awareness on its high quality, American-made manufacturing. The rebrand includes a new logo, website and more targeted messaging. The official launch of the new brand is Wednesday, February 3rd.

“Rapid growth over the last six years required us to refine our core messaging—that our gear is exactly what you need and nothing more,” says CEO/Co-Founder Mike St. Pierre. “This simple philosophy drives our design, innovation methodologies and informs the technologies and materials that we use. It underlies everything that we do, so it made sense that our voice better reflect our gear and the people who use it.”

This minimalist philosophy also drives the company’s commitment to sourcing its materials and manufacturing its products in the United States.

“We would not have gotten to where we are in the backpacking, thru hiking and ice climbing markets without domestic manufacturing,” says CFO/Co-founder Dan St. Pierre. “To build optimized, innovative gear, we have to be faster than our competitors, more efficient and able to make swift in-line changes if we need to. That means we need to pay close attention to the fine details and find highly skilled craftspeople who are passionate about the quality of their work. That’s what we’ve found here in Biddeford, Maine, and that’s why we are committed to ‘Made in the USA.’”

Kokatat recently awarded Hyperlite Mountain Gear its “American Made Outdoor Gear Award” (aka the “Sassy Award”).

“Each year we are impressed by the amazing made in America stories from all our entries,” said Jeff Turner of Kokatat. “Hyperlite Mountain Gear was a clear stand out this year with how they have focused on domestic manufacturing to drive their innovation and growth as well as their commitment to their local community.”

Hyperlite Mountain Gear builds stripped down, high performance, outdoor gear that’s dialed in to meet, in as minimalist a manner as possible, the exacting requirements of the goal-oriented adventurers who use it. We are committed to building durable, functional ultralight backpacks, shelters and accessories that help our customers increase their speed, distance, efficiency, comfort and overall enjoyment in the outdoors. We are also committed to American manufacturing because we believe “Made in the U.S.A.” is a worthwhile endeavor that benefits our customers, company and the community where we do business. Please visit our website for more information: www.hyperlitemountaingear.com. For more information, please contact Lizzy Scully at lizzy@hyperlitemountaingear.com