All-Electric RV Coast Model 1 Goes Into Production, Rebrands as the ‘Tesla of Campers’

August 22, 2023

The Coast is no unicorn, but it sure comes close to one, if only in regards to its rarity – and the unicorn’s fictional existence notwithstanding. The Coast is an all-electric RV (e-RV) introduced by Tennessee-based trailer specialist Aero Build earlier this year, which has now unveiled its real interior to the public.

We’ve all seen or heard of cases of bold, innovative startups failing to deliver on their bold and innovative promises for whatever reason, in or outside of their control. With its experience in custom business trailers, Aero Build is clearly not a startup, but the Coast is their first travel trailer – and a rarity on the market for its all-electric architecture – so it’s ok if you weren’t holding your breath. Auto Evolution