ALTA RACKS Expands Their Line of Highly Functional Hitch Racks

January 28, 2021

ALTA RACKS looks to change people’s idea of what a rack can do by adding accessories to meet the outdoor lifestyle.

Salt Lake City, UT (January 2021)ALTA RACKS, a leader in no-frame-contact vertical bike racks, has expanded its hitch-rack-compatible accessory line of products.

Using military design style guides and techniques, ALTA Racks are looking to make the only rack system you’ll ever need. ALTA Racks has expanded its accessory line of products that attach to their vertical racks, making their racks some of the most adaptable and versatile systems on the market.

The Hammock stand ($180) is the perfect place to relax after a long ride or wait for friends to arrive. The ALTA table ($299) stows in an upright position when not in use but can easily be slotted in place to provide a staging area for gear or anything else you might need. Finally, the new ALTA Worx stand ($75) offers an easy setup for those last-minute tune-ups or tire change before you hit the trail.

“As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I love to snowboard, bike, and motorcycle, so I wanted to build a rack system that would allow me to do everything I wanted without buying numerous racks,” says Ali Yazdian, ALTA’s founder. “These accessories allow me to get ready easier and relax better when I finish what I am doing. I have seen people at trailheads pulling gear out of their cars or trucks to set up, and I thought we could make those things fit our racks as a system.”

All ALTA products are locally produced in Utah with their customers and the environment in mind.

ALTA RACKS believes in supporting the community by sponsoring local Utah events and organizations and making a product that inspires consumer pride.

Alta Racks start at $759 for the Three-Bike set up, up to $1185 for the Six Pack.

If you are interested in learning more or stocking ALTA racks, please contact Ali Yazdian for more information at 801.742.1107


Founded in 2017 from a background in Military equipment design and rugged off-road product methodology ALTA Racks have created one of the lightest, strongest, and most versatile systems on the market.ALTA Racks are built to transport bikes without damage but can be adapted to meet the outdoor enthusiast’s larger needs. It’s not just a bike rack but a life rack.All ALTA Racks are proudly designed, built, and assembled in Utah and with the mantra “Precision where it counts, durability for life.”