American Mountain Guides Association Partners with Outdoor Research to Launch Backcountry Skiing Video Series

January 19, 2016

Collaboration showcases 8-part video series on backcountry skiing technique and safety.

American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and its longtime partner, Outdoor Research (OR), are announcing the release of the first video in an 8-part series on ski safety and technique in the backcountry. The first video, “Beacon Check,” is being released today on AMGA.com. 

The videos, produced by AMGA experts and guides, feature backcountry skiing technique and safety issues to raise awareness and reduce the risks associated with traveling in the backcountry. The videos will be released weekly on AMGA.com and include topics from prepping the skin track, ski crampons and ski transitions, to stationary turns and track setting.

“Our hope is to reduce the inherent risks of backcountry skiing by sharing key techniques in traveling efficiently and safely in the mountains,” said Dale Remsberg, AMGA’s technical director.

“Outdoor Research advocates for and appreciates the work AMGA is doing to push the standards in excellence and safety in climbing and skiing, and while there is no substitute for professional guide training, we see value in sharing information to help the outdoor community stay safe,” said Christian Folk, marketing manager at Outdoor Research.

The backcountry skiing video series follows an incredibly successful series and collaboration between AMGA and OR on climbing safety and skills, launched Spring of 2015. To view the first video in the backcountry skiing series, visit AMGA.com. Videos will be released weekly each Tuesday starting January 19.

About the AMGA

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