Appalachian Outfitters to present art, music, education and special event calendar in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

April 5, 2018

Appalachian Outfitters, the award-winning independent specialty retailer and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance member, this week announced its role as a 2018 presenting sponsor for the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park public programs

PENINSULA, OHIO (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) — Appalachian Outfitters, the award-winning independent specialty retailer and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance member, this week announced its role as a 2018 presenting sponsor for the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park public programs.

Founded in 1988, Appalachian Outfitters is a family-owned business including two shops (Peninsula, Lodi) and the Kendall Cliffs rock gym (Peninsula).  Their Peninsula shop and gym is situated just outside the Kendall Park entrance to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park (www.conservancyforcvnp.org) is a non-profit organization and friends group dedicated to engaging public support and providing services that enhance public use and enjoyment of the park. Their year-round role in Ohio’s national park includes teaching children about nature, fostering a rich cultural arts and music program, co-management of the park’s volunteer program and fundraising for national park projects and programs.

“Cuyahoga Valley National Park delivers tremendous quality-of-life and economic benefits to our entire region,” said Mike Leffler, president and owner of Appalachian Outfitters. “Community support for Cuyahoga Valley, as well as all our national treasures, is more critical than ever before.”

“Appalachian Outfitters has an incredible passion for enhancing Cuyahoga Valley National Park resources and visitor experiences – the same values that drive the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park,” said Deb Yandala, CEO, Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Founded 30 years ago this summer, Appalachian Outfitters expanded in 1998 to build a flagship store near one of the gateways to the then rapidly growing Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Dedicated from the beginning to support the patrons of the park with gear, information and advice, Appalachian Outfitters remains focused on preparing and equipping visitors to the area with the best in outdoor equipment, skills, and clothing.

As presenting sponsor of the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park public programs, Appalachian Outfitters will be supporting a year-round calendar of events oriented around the park’s programs, recreational and educational resources, and environmental assets. Events in the annual program series will include:

  • Concerts:  A year-round calendar of live music performances in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, from lively folk concerts to outdoor jam sessions;
  • Lyceum lectures:  A quarterly series of in-depth and engaging presentations from experts in history, adventure, and the natural world;
  • Cuyahoga Valley Institute (CVI):  Numerous educational opportunities designed to engage visitors with the park’s natural surroundings, while promoting a deeper understanding of the history, wildlife, and geography;
  • Dinner in the Valley:  A unique monthly dining experience delivering a personal connection to local food, chef Larkin Rogers and Ohio’s pre-eminent national park;
  • Seiberling Gallery: A rotating showcase of photographs, paintings, and other works by some of the region’s leading visual artists;
  • Elevation: An evening at the Ledges Shelter in CVNP to celebrate the trails of Ohio’s national park. Proceeds from the event support TRAILS FOREVER Legacy Fund of the Conservancy to ensure CVNP’s trails are maintained forever.

For more information on Appalachian Outfitters, please visit www.appalachianoutfitters.com.