Astral Pays Tribute to River Roots with Limited Edition GreenJacket & Rassler 2.0

August 28, 2018

(August 28, 2018 – Asheville, NC)  For the past nine years, Astral has released a highly anticipated limited edition GreenJacket PFD. The Limited Edition Program at Astral is the Crown Jewel of the brand’s product. The story and attention to design detail makes these life jackets not only best in class, but a piece of art. Time tested by the world’s best expedition kayakers, Astral’s GreenJacket is the top choice for river guides and expedition paddlers alike. It combines full rescue capabilities with innovative protection, comfort and style. For the Limited Edition Program’s 10th anniversary, Astral debuts the “River Roots” version co-designed by world-renowned kayaker, producer, rapper and longtime member of the Astral family, Rush Sturges. Astral celebrates what the brand has always been about – River Roots.

“The artistic expressions of kayaking, style, rhythm and flow, are no different from the methods used by a musician, a painter or a filmmaker. Kayakers may not use a paintbrush, but the river provides an open canvas by which we can express ourselves, forge ever lasting friendships, and find connection with the truly untouched. The opportunity to create the River Roots LE was a fun chance to combine my love for art with my passion for whitewater,” Sturges says.

The front of the PFD is a spin on the River Roots company design, and the back represents Mt. Hood looking down on the Columbia River Gorge. Sturges notes that, “In the end, I’ve always felt that combining my love for rivers, film, and music was a fun way to bring the art form full circle. I know the folks at Astral feel the same way, and hopefully some of that passion trickles into this Limited Edition.” 

VP of Sales & Marketing, Christie Dobson notes, “This collaboration has soul. It hits close to home for me, as I’ve known Rush since he was a kid touring around with his school. It’s been amazing to watch him develop his career, paddling style and now this PFD and shoe – it’s been nothing short of an honor.”

For the first time ever, Astral will pair the LE10 with the release of a limited edition shoe, the LE Rassler 2.0, built for hardcore river users. The Rassler 2.0 is an exceptionally grippy and rugged, yet lightweight boot that dries fast and drains quickly. The sole is redesigned for improved durability, while the mid-cut upper provides extra protection and support. It is a choice shoe for kayaking, fly fishing and canyoning.

Dobson says, “We celebrate 10 years of Limited Edition PFDs by including our first LE shoe, the River Roots Rassler 2.0 in Rudy Red, alongside the LE PFD. This is by far, our best LE program yet, combining our favorite PFD with our most core whitewater shoe in a River Roots theme.”

The LE10 GreenJacket and Rassler 2.0 will be available in late October. Consumers can sign up to be alerted upon the arrival of new product through the Astral blog and retailers can swing by the Astral booth at the 2nd Annual Paddlesports Retailer Show this week to get a sneak peek.

About Astral
Established in 2002, Astral has grown to specialize in high performance footwear alongside its industry-leading safety gear for paddlers. Independently owned and operated with a sincere commitment to making products of the highest performance and style for use in Nature. Astral is based in the year-round outdoor wonderland of Asheville, NC and has satellite offices in Bend, Saigon, Ketchum and Nottingham. #NatureFirst