Aventura Clothing Acquires Women’s Knitwear Brand Icelandic Design

November 2, 2017

Brand acquisition will allow Aventura to carry on Icelandic Design’s legacy of handicraft knitwear for women

Reno, NV – November 2, 2017Family owned and operated, Aventura Clothing is excited to announce the brand acquisition of Icelandic Design and its subsidiary brands, Wooly Bully and Newari Accessories. The acquisition will allow Aventura to strengthen its presence in the women’s fashion category while continuing to carry on Icelandic Design’s legacy of handicraft knitwear for women.

Founded in the early 1980s by Gerdur Kristjansdottir, Icelandic Design has always been a labor of love. Gerdur, a native of Reykjavik, Iceland, comes from a long line of well-skilled craftspeople in knitting and embroidery, and her passion for that history comes through in the clothing she designed. After many years of pouring her heart and soul into the brand, Gerdur decided she was ready to move on and wanted to ensure that Icelandic Design would be taken over by a company with a history of good business practices and a commitment to producing high-quality apparel. Aventura Clothing fits that bill and will continue to work with the Icelandic Design team and factories to create well-constructed sweater knits for women who enjoy fine fashion.

“Adding Icelandic Design to our portfolio of active lifestyle clothing brands really balances out our year-round offerings for our female customers,” states Tom Williamson, VP of Sales and Marketing for Aventura. “We’ve always admired the passion and handicraft that goes into Icelandic Designs’ sweaters and are thrilled to continue that legacy for years to come.”

Aventura acquired the Icelandic Design brand and subsidiary brands in Spring 2017, with the first shipment under new ownership in Fall ’17 just delivered. Icelandic Design will continue to have its own website and branding with a design team and sales management still based in Colorado, shipping will be handled at Aventura’s headquarters in Reno, NV, and the brand will be owned and operated by Sportif, LTD, parent company of Aventura Clothing. Buyers will be able to view the new Fall ’18 collection at both the upcoming Winter Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, CO and the WWIN show in Las Vegas, NV.

About Aventura Clothing

Since 2006, family-owned and operated, Aventura, has been creating fashionable, comfortable women’s clothing with a low environmental impact. Based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Aventura is passionate about reducing their environmental footprint by supporting farming without use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering, and tracking their organic cotton from farm to factory. From employee relations, to customer service, to protecting the environment and producing high-quality garments, Aventura provides women stylish clothing they can feel good about while looking great. www.aventuraclothing.com

About Icelandic Design

Since 1980, Icelandic Design has been creating well-constructed, handicraft knitwear for women. Using the finest materials and high-quality construction, Icelandic Design creates wearable art for women who appreciate fine fashion. By continuing the tradition of Icelandic knitters, Icelandic Design’s passion and history shines through in every piece in the line.