Avoiding PR Scams: Remedy PR’s Bill Byrne Asked To Speak On Trend Of Deceptive PR Practices

March 27, 2024

San Diego, Calif.: Remedy PR‘s managing director, Bill Byrne, has been asked to be a guest on the PR Explored interview series on the rising trend of deceptive advertising practices some PR agencies are now using to lure clients. PR Explored is the public relations-focused YouTube series produced by Michelle Garrett, a noted PR expert in the B2B and public relations and content marketing space, frequently referenced as a thought leader by the PR industry media. Broadcast live on March 28th with a recording available shortly after, the episode will explore the rising trend in agencies promising guaranteed PR placements and why brands who use these services are being deceived.

The episode, titled “PR Scams: Fake PR isn’t worth it. When paid media masquerades as earned” will explore why agencies making false promises have risen in popularity, what they offer brands instead of legitimate earned media placements, and how brands can distinguish these agencies from reputable PR teams.

“It’s flattering that these entities are leveraging the prestige of a great PR placement as they sell unsuspecting brands on something entirely different. There is a lot of misinformation regarding how a reputable PR team operates and how brag-worthy editorial placements come to be,” commented Byrne. “These companies that claim via social media ads that they cracked the code on how to quickly gain trust through PR exposure are often misleading brands into signing up for something other than what they want. Michelle is a recognized expert in the PR space and speaks very candidly on the misconceptions regarding public relations, so I’m really looking forward to diving into this one with her.”

PR Explored’s “PR Scams: Fake PR isn’t worth it. When paid media masquerades as earned” will be broadcast live on YouTube on March 28th at 12:30 EDT, with a recording made available shortly after. The episode can be streamed live on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@PRisUs/streams.

About Remedy Public Relations 

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