Backbone Media Appoints Greg Williams as President in New Chapter for Colorado-based Marketing Agency

October 13, 2022

CARBONDALE, Colo. /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – As Backbone Media celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, Greg Williams, the longtime vice president of media and a partner in the business, has been named the agency’s new president. Backbone represents more than 100 leading outdoor and lifestyle brands, with nearly 120 employees working remotely across the country and out of its offices in Denver and Carbondale.

Penn Newhard, the co-founder and co-president of Backbone, and co-president Nate Simmons will now share duties as co-CEOs. They will both remain highly engaged in the business of the agency.

Williams will oversee the agency’s staff and daily operations in his new role. He will also focus on managing the growth and development of the business, which has nearly doubled in size since the beginning of the pandemic.

“As we celebrate this important 25-year milestone in Backbone’s history, we are thrilled to support Greg in his much-deserved promotion,” said Newhard. “As we’ve experienced exponential growth in the past several years, we’ve been placing more responsibility with our entire senior team. That group has been critical to our continued success as an agency, with Greg shepherding us through significant shifts in our business and industry.”

Williams, who has worked for Backbone for more than 17 years, joined the agency when it was a boutique PR shop with fewer than 10 employees. He launched the company’s media planning and buying service, which now represents about half of Backbone’s portfolio. In addition to media planning and PR, Backbone offers search engine marketing and optimization services, social media strategy and community management, affiliate marketing, and performance digital services with a complete analytics team.

“The momentum Backbone is experiencing is because of our fantastic team and the many deeply integrated and long-term partnerships we’ve established with our clients and the media,” said Williams. “We have intentionally expanded our service offerings and have grown our team structure to keep up with changing media consumption habits across the marketing spectrum. I am excited for the opportunity and confident we are well-positioned to exceed results and expectations for our current and future clients.”