Backcountry Access announces the Float E2 Avalanche Airbag: A new way to stay afloat

January 24, 2022

Boulder, Colo./OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –Backcountry Access (BCA) announces the release of the new Float E2 avalanche airbag, the first in BCA’s airbag lineup that comes equipped with the Alpride E2 supercapacitor inflation system. It will hit the market in the 2022-23 season.

Bruce Edgerly, BCA co-founder, notes about the release of the avalanche airbag, “Our Float E2 pack puts BCA at center stage in the arena of pack design. We knew several other manufacturers would also be offering E2 supercapacitor technology, so we focused on developing our E2 pack with truly innovative, useful features that would set BCA apart.”

This airbag system taps into supercapacitors to drive a fan instead of relying on a compressed air cylinder to inflate the airbag, such as BCA’s Float 2.0 airbag models. Not only is this system more reliable in colder temperatures than battery-powered airbag systems, but supercapacitors are TSA approved, which means the Float E2 allows for hassle-free airline travel. This technology also makes practice with the device easier, as multiple deployments are possible between charges. The E2 supercapacitor is 40 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the Alpride E1 system currently in use by several other airbag pack manufacturers.

In addition to its supercapacitor technology, the Float E2 pack is designed with curved zipper accessibility and an innovative Side Stash pocket for hydrating and managing gear on the fly. The Side Stash pocket is large enough to fit a larger cylindrical bottle, climbing skins, or anything else you may need to lap your favorite backcountry lines without interruption. Its Back Stash zip enables easy radio cord and hydration system routing without disassembling these accessories or opening the airbag compartment.

Also included in the E2 Float will be a dedicated safety tool compartment, dual zippered shoulder straps, removable ski and snowboard compression straps, a hip belt pocket for fast access to snacks or small tools, and “cooling fin” back panel ventilation. A helmet carry will offer two positions, upper and lower mount, designed to accommodate a helmet while carrying skis or snowboard vertically, diagonally, or A-frame style. The Float E2 airbag comes in S/M and M/L sizes and in both 25- and 35-liter volumes.

“There are two major innovations in this pack: the supercapacitor engine and the Side and Back Stash features,” Edgerly says about the fresh features debuting with the E2. “Supercapacitors are important because they remove the hassle from airline travel, and they enable multiple deployments and more practice. Our Side Stash and Back Stash features are important because it means you don’t need to take your pack off when you’re touring—or working. This is important for both a time savings and a safety standpoint: It’s never a good idea to remove safety equipment when you’re in avalanche terrain.”

BCA will continue to offer its Float 2.0 compressed air systems as a value price offering. “This platform is time-tested and proven to save lives, and it’s more affordable in price,” Edgerly explains. “The Float E2 is our top-of-the-line airbag for those willing to pay for cutting-edge innovations like supercapacitor technology, high-quality single-layer fabrics, and our Stash zip features.”

The E2 technology will also be available in a snowmobile pack model dubbed the Float E2-25 Turbo. This will feature the same supercapacitor system as the E2, but will have an external shovel carry system for fast shovel access. This system enables the rider to carry their shovel either inside the pack or outside the pack, either assembled or disassembled.

About Backcountry Access

Backcountry Access (BCA) is a leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including BCA TrackerTM avalanche transceivers, FloatTM avalanche airbags, BC LinkTM radios, MtnProTM snowmobile gear, avalanche probes, and shovels. BCA’s mission is to save lives, not just sell products. BCA considers avalanche education to be as important as its avalanche safety equipment and delivers all its products with consumer education and knowledgeable customer service.