Blacksford Launches the world’s first RV Club in nine exclusive cities

August 10, 2019

Blacksford Launches the world’s first RV Club in 9 exclusive cities; Bozeman, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Austin, Nashville, Savannah and St George

Blacksford, the leader in RV adventures, officially launched the world’s first RV club in 9 exclusive cities; Bozeman, Seattle, Portland, St. George, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, Savannah and Austin.  The RV Club will give members of the RV Club exclusive access to Mercedes Sprinter RVs from Winnebago such as the new 2020 4×4 Revel and 2020 View.  The club will have a limited number of members to give each member unprecedented access to these amazing RV’s.  The RV Club will launch in January of 2020.

When asked about the RV Club Blacksford founder, Jonathan Distad, said “We are constantly asking our customers and the broader public what is needed to make RV adventures better.  They clearly said that RV purchasing isn’t what they were looking for and wanted alternatives.  So we decided the RV club is the perfect solution.”  Distad further explained, “Blacksford is constantly studying the market and relevant data in the RV and broader industries, and models its business to provide what people want.  At Blacksford we see that many people want access without ownership.  That is our goal with everything we do; access to the best RV experience no matter what.”

Blacksford is looking to continue their world’s first of airport rental service as well with the addition of St George, Utah to service the Zion, Arches, Grand Escalante, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and beyond in the southwest.  They also plan on adding a half dozen new airports in the next twelve to twenty-four months.  All Club and Airport locations will offer 4, 6 and 12 month SeasonaLease options as well.

About Blacksford

Blacksford, based in Bozeman, Montana, is the leader in Mercedes Sprinter RV adventures through their exclusive relationship with Winnebago to supply brand new Revels and Views. Blacksford offers airport rentals in Bozeman, Montana and St George, Utah as well as leasing and club options for the general public in 9 US markets.  With every rental, lease or club use, Blacksford offers an all inclusive experience with unlimited miles, free generator usage, free trip planning, brand new RVs every year and all needed accessories with every RV.  Blacksford can be reached at blacksford.com or planning@blacksford.com

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Press Contact:

Jonathan Distad, jd@blacksford.com, 612-695-0068