BN3TH Launches Biggest Brand Campaign to Date with AfterAll

August 4, 2022

“It Begins With What’s BN3TH” marks a new direction for active-menswear company setting the tone for future growth.

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. (Aug. 4, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Award-winning men’s next-to-skin underwear and base-layer brand BN3TH (pronounced “beneath”) recently released a moving brand anthem produced in partnership with Portland, Oregon-based agency AfterAll that will springboard their global marketing efforts to the next level.

“BN3TH comes from the outdoors and celebrates the joys of being outside together, so that’s what we’re bringing to life through this message,” says Zach Boon, BN3TH’s director of marketing. “We are fortunate to have close connections with people who experience our products, and we look forward to deepening those connections through sharing more perspective on what BN3TH is about.”

The visually stimulating video project embraces the uncertainty of the times while providing hope, freedom of expression and the individual empowerment that comes from wearing BN3TH’s next-to-skin line of boxer briefs, base layers and two-in-one activewear. Featuring an original score written and performed by Oskura, the moving images build to a crescendo that ultimately culminates with the tagline “It Begins With What’s BN3TH.” The full campaign can be viewed HERE.

“This is the anthem that brings to life who BN3TH is as a brand and enables us to build future campaigns off this foundation,” says Dez Price, co-founder of BN3TH. “Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, and this campaign proves that once you put on your BN3TH, you can go experience your best day, no matter where the journey takes you. It’s all about enjoying the best version of yourself and doing what you love while celebrating this camaraderie with those around you.”

The spot gives viewers momentary but intimate glimpses into everyday stories, feelings and experiences that people share while wearing BN3TH products. The brand spared no expense in masterminding this anthem, which is meant to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings while also inducing excitement and inspiration. While the product isn’t overtly featured, the outdoor/adventure scenes emanate undertones of BN3TH’s line of menswear being used to enhance the overall experiences showcased in the edit. And since underwear is the first thing people put on every day, the resounding question of “Where does it begin?” is brought to light by a mesmerizing collection of scenes shot in Hawaii, Bali, Oregon and British Columbia.

“AfterAll set out to help BN3TH speak directly to its core audience and to open up the world of BN3TH to a larger audience,” says executive producer Ike Martin. “Creative director Rick Albano wanted to work with the quiet moments of preparation and consider the joy that comes from solitary activities, but then mix in the emotional power of togetherness. Director Jesse Rosten captured the combination of observational moments and highly dynamic action and found a way to weave a dozen or so vignettes into a larger narrative.”

The creative campaign imagery will live on BN3TH’s digital channels, but also be featured in advertising spots on Outside TV and in Men’s Journal and other media.

BN3TH is dedicated to furthering innovation in both men’s next-to-skin apparel and through responsible processes that reduce harm to our planet. From carbon-neutral projects to turning recycled consumer plastic into super-soft, sustainable underwear, BN3TH’s growth and innovation continues to elevate the brand in the men’s underwear category. For more information, please visit www.bn3th.com.



BN3TH was started in Vancouver, British Columbia, to radically change how men think about underwear. No one performs at their best when they’re adjusting. Or shifting. Or sweaty.

Increased Comfort = Increased Performance 

BN3TH was the first to create underwear with a three-dimensional pouch, and the patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ remains the key to our uniquely supportive fit. BN3TH engineers underwear and base layers that keep you comfortable for full days on the mountain, on the water, in the gym or in the office.   Over time, BN3TH evolved as a company to begin championing a full range of apparel for any and every consumer, endeavor, occasion, climate and style, while working hard to minimize the environmental impact of the business and contribute to causes that help preserve our planet.   BN3TH was formerly known as MyPakage. For more information visit www.bn3th.com



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