Bodies On Bikes Take on SBT GRVL With 15 Non-Traditional Athletes

August 9, 2022

in partnership with PEARL iZUMi

STEAMBOAT, Colo. /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – All Bodies on Bikes, a movement to create and foster a size-inclusive bicycle community, supports 15 non-traditional athletes to take on SBT GRVL, one of the premier North American gravel cycling events. The All Bodies on Bikes athletes come from various backgrounds including triathlon, bikepacking, para-cycling, and athletes who are new to any form of cycling. Meet the full roster here.

“As a life-long cyclist and accomplished bike racer, there’s a lot that I used to take for granted — bikes and bike clothes would fit me, and I’d have a place at any bike event. After becoming disabled in 2019, I quickly realized that I couldn’t take anything for granted. Being a part of the All Bodies on Bikes movement has helped me connect with other cyclists who must work harder to create a space in the cycling community. My All Bodies on Bikes teammates have been an incredible inspiration to me this year, as we’ve all been preparing for SBTGRVL, and it’s been motivating to me to share my accomplishments while also seeing everyone else overcome their own challenges. I’m so grateful to Marley for creating this group and allowing us to show each other and the broader community that anyone can find a place in cycling and accomplish goals on the bike.” – Andrew Bernstein, SBT GRVL All Bodies on Bikes Athlete.

PEARL iZUMi has been instrumental in support of All Bodies on Bikes since its inception. In 2022, they signed Marley Blonsky as an athlete and brand consultant. Marley Blonsky continues to work closely with the brand on expanding sizing, inclusive marketing, and supporting riders of all sizes. See below for the PEARL iZUMi designed kit that each of the 15 ABOB athletes will be wearing as they tackle each of the four distances.

“Marley has been a great addition to the PEARL iZUMi team, and we are so happy to support her All Bodies on Bikes initiative. It was a fun challenge to work with her to design a kit that has the same amount of great energy as she and her team does.” Lucas Marshall, PEARL iZUMi Graphic Designer

All Bodies on Bikes Schedule of Events at SBT GRVL

  • Friday, August 12th, 3-7 pm – SBT GRVL Expo. Look for the All Bodies on Bikes branded tent.
  • Friday, August 12th, 4-6 pm – All Bodies on Bikes Happy Hour at Ice Box Steamboat. Join the All Bodies on Bikes SBT GRVL team for a happy hour along the Yampa River.
  • Friday, August 12th, 5:30 pm – Common Ground Panel – Co-Founder Marley Blonsky joins a panel of other notable athletes facilitated by Ian Boswell to discuss common ground and inclusivity among all athletes on bikes.
  • Saturday, August 13th, 9:30 am – All Bodies on Bikes Shakedown Ride with Chamois Butter, led by Marley Blonsky. Join ABOB for a shakedown ride. The ride will preview the final 10 miles of all courses. Meet at Little Toots Park at 9:30 am for donuts, coffee, and swag. The ride will roll out at 10 am.
  • Sunday, August 14th – Race Day! ABOB Athletes will be riding in all distances, 37, 60, 100 and144 miles. ABOB will be at the finish line cheering on every distance and every rider. Join in on the celebration and meet the riders.

For more information on the All Bodies on Bikes + SBT GRVL team, visit allbodiesonbikes.com


The mission of All Bodies on Bikes is to evolve the bike industry into a more size-inclusive space. ABOB believes that all bodies are good bodies, all bikes are good bikes, and all rides should be celebrated. The goal of ABOB is to empower all people, regardless of body size, ability, or perceived fitness level to enjoy riding a bicycle.

Contact Name: Marley Blonsky, Co-Founder

206-601-7053, marley@allbodiesonbikes.co