Bolger & O’Hearn Launches OmniBloq, a Durable Water Repellant Reinventing a Category

March 9, 2018

FALL RIVER, Ma. (March 2018) – Bolger & O’Hearn (B&O), the leading developer of specialty chemicals for textiles, has launched OmniBloq, a revolutionary Stormproof/Breathable performance finish.

OmniBloq provides laminate-like resistance to the harshest storms without inhibiting comfort or breathability. It recently had its debut in Boulder in late January, at the Meteorite Winter Adventure Camp, where media and outdoor apparel brands received a sneak peek at the capabilities of this new textile finish.

“The reception was overwhelmingly positive,” said Shaun O’Hearn, President at B&O. “We sparked some big excitement for outdoor garment and sportswear media and manufacturers because everyone is looking for innovation while minimizing risk to brand equity. B&O is proving to be the bridge between innovation and risk management that brands need.

The most well-known water proof/breathable constructions on the market today are made from a maze of at least 6 layers including fabrics, films, glues, and tapes. This is an incredible amount of resources for such a small return. Yes, complex laminate-constructed garments can keep the water out effectively but let’s face it, even with minimal activity you will get “sweat wet”. Once you step back from the magical world of marketing claims you realize that you are still getting wet and you paid for and used an incredible amount of resources to do so. OmniBloq is different; it is specially designed to deliver greater performance than traditional DWRs while only using one layer, making it a uniquely stormproof- breathable option.

Other notable features of OmniBloq include its:

  • Responsible use of resources
  • Garment recyclability
  • Breathable-Really!
  • Non-PFOA technology
  • Defense against water, oils & stains

“When we say OmniBloq is stormproof, we’re guaranteeing that it can withstand the harshest elements,” said Frank Keohan Chief Chemist at B&O. “And this is absolutely critical for outdoor adventurers. They shouldn’t overheat. They shouldn’t get drenched from rain or sweat; they should remain comfortable even in the worst storms. So that’s why OmniBloq was made.”

OmniBloq Stormproof/Breathable finish is applied to fabrics at textile mills. To date, major brands and the US Military have adopted OmniBloq for their next generation product launches. OmniBloq is proving to be the most advanced resource-conscious and effective protective finish available. In addition, other industries such as workwear and upholstery are also starting to look to OmniBloq for its comfort, breathability, and stormproof protection.


About Bolger & O’Hearn

Since its founding in 1969, Bolger & O’Hearn has been selling uniquely efficient and consistently high-quality chemicals. Its personalized service approach has been the pillar of its success. From its traditional beginnings in the textile industry, B&O has expanded into paper coatings, non-wovens, and other non-textile manufactured products, all of which find applications in a wide range of industries. Today, its diverse and comprehensive product line—totaling over 2,500 products—is sold and distributed globally. Committed to a zero-carbon future, B&O currently produces its products using renewable energy. The solar voltaic array on its facilities allow it to displace more than 100,000 pounds of carbon each year. To learn more, go to bolgerohearn.com

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