BRANWYN Performance Innerwear Certified BPA and PFAS-Free

March 27, 2024

Bend-based brand partners with independent 3rd party to certify its innerwear is free from harmful forever chemicals

Bend, OR – March, 27, 2024– BRANWYN Performance Innerwear, the only ethical, sustainable, and next-to-body Performance Innerwear made by and for active women, proudly announces a significant milestone with an official 3rd party audit of its innerwear products as BPA and PFAS-free. This audit was conducted by Intertek, a leading third-party testing company known for its stringent protocols.

Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure, with its links to various health issues, is particularly significant for women. Studies have shown that BPA exposure can disrupt hormonal balance, potentially leading to reproductive problems, breast cancer, and other health complications. Recent studies from the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) have also shed light on sports bras and other athletic apparel, revealing that some wearers were exposed to elevated levels of BPA of up to 22 times the legal limit.

The drive to eliminate per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), or “forever chemicals,” has also been an ongoing concern in the outdoor and active lifestyle industries. PFAS, found in many consumer goods, including clothing, has been associated with adverse health effects such as immune system disruption, thyroid disease, and certain types of cancer. By guaranteeing the absence of BPA and PFAS in its innerwear, BRANWYN addresses these concerns, prioritizing both environmental stewardship and women’s health.

“At BRANWYN, we are committed to providing the highest performance, natural, next-to-body innerwear available with women at the center while also leading the charge towards a more sustainable future,” says BRANWYN’s President Deanne Buck. “The findings from this rigorous audit affirm our dedication to transparency and ensure that our garments are free from harmful chemicals, furthering our mission to provide women with innerwear that not only supports their active lifestyles but also protects their health and the environment.”

In addition to BRANWYN’s products being certified by Intertek as BPA and PFAS-free, BRANWYN also uses Merino Wool which meets the ZQ Grower Standard and has long complied with REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 standards.

To learn more about BRANWYN, visit branwyn.com or follow @branwynofficial. For media inquiries, please contact Stacy Kline at stacy@darbycommunications.com.


BRANWYN, based in Bend, Oregon, produces the world’s first ethically sourced, naturally sustainable Performance Innerwear designed by and for active women. By combining ZQ Merino and seamless knitting technology, BRANWYN revolutionizes women’s next-to-skin apparel, prioritizing comfort, temperature regulation, anti-microbial properties, breathability, and overall health. Our ethos, rooted in “Find A Way,” was inspired by the radical idea that women could create better underwear for themselves that meet our unique needs. Additionally, we collaborate with organizations fostering a sense of self in girls and women by breaking limiting beliefs through outdoor activities, sports, sweat, and movement. Committed to personal and global health, we use natural, non-toxic fibers, and sustainable materials, and prioritize ethical farming and work practices.

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