Brite-Strike Announces New Bug-Strike, Light Based Insect Repelling System

April 22, 2021

Bug-Strike, chemical free insect repelling system

Tuesday April 27, 2021 Boston, MA. Brite-Strike Announces New Bug-Strike™ Light based insect repelling system in time for Spring.

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. USA announced it has developed Bug-Strike™ a micro thin LED system that uses Infrared, Ultraviolet and Blue light that attaches to any hat to effectively repel insects. Limited supplies are available for immediate shipment.

“We have field tested many combinations until we got it just right and found it is effective against mosquitoes, brown flies and deer flies and several other flying insects. The combination of IR, UV and Blue light along with our proprietary coatings on the LEDs, is very effective” stated Glenn Bushee Brite-Strike CEO. The system is based on our patented APALS® micro thin LEDs and can attach to any hat in seconds. Brite-Strike® Bug-Strike™ is 100%  waterproof can deliver 200 hours of runtime which is several months for a typical user. MSRP is $30.00 for the set that includes 3M® adhesive and Velcro® hook and loop mounting kit. For more information and links to the science behind the invention and video evidence of its effectiveness, please visit www.brite-strike.com/product/bug-strike

Dealers can contact customerservice@brite-strike.com or call 781-585-3525 or Jack Rosenswie at jack_rosenswie@yahoo.com 814-887-5335