Brite-Strike Develops Strobe-Away; A Light Based Rodent Deterrent

October 21, 2021

Strobe-Away; The Safe, Humane Way To Keep Rodents Away

October 21, 2021. Duxbury, MA /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Brite-Strike (OTC:BSTK) develops Strobe-Away; a light-based solution to keep mice and rodents out of RVs and camping gear. The patented technology uses our APALS, All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips with no chemicals to keep rodents out of small spaces by disrupting their circadian rhythm. As mice and other small rodents are mammals, a constant strobe light disrupts their sleep patterns. Strobe-Away light strips last for up to 200 hours, but you should see the rodents driven away within 48 hours. The light strips are about the size of a band-aid so they can be used in small spaces that are the entry point for mice. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the light strip into any small crevice. They operate in 3 modes, fast strobe, slow strobe and steady on and they can be turned off and reused. Strobe-Away is a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution to repel mice and rodents. For more information go to www.brite-strike.com or email customerservice@brite-strike.com

About Brite-Strike

Brite-Strike holds numerous patents related to LED and chip-based switch technology. The company developed a unique micro-circuit, ultra-thin LED platform called APALS® or All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips that have a wide range of derivative products that range from IR lights for military use, visible light in multiple colors for use in lighted police traffic gloves, lighted sport gloves for cycling and walking, lighted kayak/paddleboard gloves, kayak/SUP safety lights, cooler lights, tacklebox lights, fishing lights. The APALS® line up is essentially a modern-day replacement for chemical lights sticks, a 1950s technology.

APALS® have five issued US Utility Patents as well as international patents with others pending that cover the microcircuit design and platform as well as multiple registered trademarks.