Brody Leven, human powered backcountry skier and storyteller joins Fischer Alpine team

October 19, 2021

Auburn, NH /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Fischer Sports US announces that professional backcountry skier and storyteller Brody Leven, 34, will be joining Fischer Alpine’s athlete ranks. Leven, current Salt Lake City resident, looks forward to this partnership not just because of his appreciation for the Fischer touring lineup, but because of the brand’s dedication to being a leader in social and environmental causes.

Leven is vocal about his dedication to environmental advocacy and stewardship as well as avalanche education and he hopes that his relationship with Fischer Sports will provide an avenue through which he can continue this work.

“Fischer is doing important work to get more people outdoors, like through the Fischer Grant Program, and setting important examples, like using repurposed castor oil in boot manufacturing,” Leven notes. “The climate crisis is hitting us as skiers and I’m proud to see individuals, athletes, and brands like Fischer stepping up to lead on climate.”

As for his personal carbon footprint, Leven has made a name for himself as a purely human-powered skier. He explains that he hasn’t used a chairlift for his winter pursuits in 11 years. He now has multiple first descents to his name and has climbed and skied on six continents with hopes that he can tally a seventh, Antarctica, someday. And he sees Fischer’s dedication to quality touring gear as a way to achieve goals he has set for the future.

“Fischer and its team are steeped in real alpine history,” he notes of the brand’s worldly roots. “I grew up in Ohio. The contrast couldn’t be starker.” And about how he has weathered the travel restrictions imposed by COVID and what his future hold, Leven muses, “After the longest hiatus of my career—two seasons without a significant trip or expedition—the anticipation of this spring is high, and I’m excited to see if it’s a safe and responsible decision to head somewhere with giant mountains yet. If so, I hope to return to my annual process of spending 49 weeks preparing for a few getting scared, cold, tired, and out of breath. And if the time still isn’t right for an expedition, I always find a way to do that near home.”

About Leven’s addition to the Fischer team, Brian Landrigan, Marketing Director for Fischer Sports US notes, “Touring is one of Fischer’s main focuses in the ski lineup and we are excited to have Brody Leven join our ranks because we believe we’re producing the touring tools that will not only live up to but enhance his human-powered pursuits. He needs gear that will take him to the ends of the earth and down the remotest of mountains and we need an athlete who knows what features are critical in creating and designing the best touring gear on the market.”


Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance. The privately held company employs nearly 2000 individuals who all share a passion for and dedication to winter sports. Fischer Sports GmbH was founded in 1924 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, where the global headquarters is still located. Manufacturing takes place there and in Ukraine. For more information, visit www.fischersports.com