Brompton Bicycle Launches Reinvented Flagship Models, Signals Innovation Ahead

February 23, 2022

T Line, P Line, and C Line models showcase Brompton’s innovation from new fully reinvented models to classic offerings

NEW YORK (February 23, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Brompton, the London-based manufacturer of the iconic folding bike, is gearing up for a promising 2022 with a fleet of new, redesigned bikes. Represented with a fresh rebranding across its full line of bikes coupled with a host of exciting technologies and innovations, Brompton has released its lightest-ever models, including the T Line – an entirely reinvented 16.4 pound titanium bike – the P Line, a new titanium-steel superlight model, and an upgraded version of its electric bike.

The rebranding of Brompton models replaces over 40 years of product naming by bike specification in favor of centering the bikes around individual user needs. It is a fundamental change that allows consumers to more easily navigate the Brompton range to find their perfect bike.

“Brompton aims to be the go-to urban bike brand in cities across North America by 2027,” said Juliet Scott-Croxford, Brompton’s President of North America. “To fuel this, we are moving into a new phase of innovation and product development to make our bikes lighter and more convenient to move around a city. At the same time we are focusing on the ownership experience, drawing inspiration from our dedicated fanbase of Brompton owners in New York City and around the world. Our community continuously refer to how their Brompton has transformed their life. That is our motivation.”

Following are details of the Brompton T Line, P Line, C Line, and A Line models.

T Line – This is Brompton. Reinvented. This fully titanium Brompton is the lightest, most premium Brompton ever. Ten pounds lighter than the all-steel model. Available from $4,810.

P Line – A redesigned Brompton Superlight, now lighter and stronger than the previous model. Features a new four speed gearing system starting at $2,750, with upgraded models from $2,965.

C Line – Brompton’s classic all-steel folding bike, starting at $1,550. Also, available as the C Line Electric with a detachable battery ($3,550).

A Line – An entry level, all-steel Brompton priced at $1,095.

Brompton T Line

The product of three years of research and development, Brompton has brought its fold to life in titanium by forging new construction techniques, designing over 150 components and building a dedicated factory in order to create the ultra-light Brompton T Line. Images and videos are available here.

By reinventing every millimeter of its iconic design, Brompton has developed its lightest bike ever, weighing in at just 16.4 pounds (7.45kg) – a 10 pound reduction compared to the most popular all-steel models.

The new Brompton T Line is exclusively available via a ballot system on Brompton.com for pick up at Brompton Junction New York City. As production volumes increase, the bike will be made more widely available throughout the US.

The bike will be available in two specifications, each with the option of a low and mid-rise handlebar fit:

T Line One – $4,810

The lightest Brompton ever made. T Line in its purest form, the single-speed machine. Masterfully built to deliver an ultra-light, agile and responsive ride. This is the benchmark for freedom in the city.

T Line Urban – $5,020

A complete ultra-lightweight performance package built to move around the city and beyond. The all-new compact 4-speed gearing system optimized for city riding.
Faster, smoother folding mechanisms, with 110kg load carrying for you and your luggage.

Brompton P Line

The reincarnation of the popular Brompton Superlight, the new Brompton P Line features an entirely new titanium rear frame and lightweight components that reduces the overall weight by nearly 4.5 pounds, to just over 21 pounds.

In developing the P Line, Brompton created a next level titanium rear frame that sheds weight, maintains strength and provides a naturally shock-absorbing ride. The redesigned suspension block maximizes efficiency and responsiveness by shifting pedal power to improve control and handling performance.

Furthermore, Brompton introduced a brand new superlight, compact gear system and lightweight wheelset; plus, enhanced the portability of the bike once folded via a dual-locking seat post system and larger, lighter rolling wheels.

The Brompton P Line will be available in the U.S. beginning Feb. 10 at us.brompton.com, and is available in Storm Grey and Midnight Black colors, and retails starting at $2,750 with upgraded models available on Brompton.com for $2,965. Full specifications and photos.

Brompton C Line and Electric C Line

The latest rendition of Brompton’s classic all-steel folding bike, the C Line is intended for all-around use, whether catering to city riding or adventures further afield. The C Line is available in three versions to meet different rider needs: Urban (two gears, city-focus with public transport, $1,550), Utility (three gears, commuting, $1,655), and the Explore (six gears, longer touring trips, $1,750).

The Electric C Line features Brompton’s classic fold while including an integrated 250 watt hub motor that utilizes Formula E racing car technology to deliver both performance and portability over a range of 25-50 miles. The lightweight battery pack can be removed with one click and charged in only four hours. Available in an Urban (two gears, $3,550) and Explore (six gear, $3,800) version, the Electric C Line is perfect for riders looking for a boost.

The C Line and Electric C Line will both be available starting February 10 at us.brompton.com.

Brompton A Line

The one-size-fits all Brompton that provides the essential compact foldability and portability at Brompton’s entry level price point, the A Line features a hand-brazed folding steel frame finished in Gloss White.

The A Line has three hub-gears tuned for city riding, and a mid-rise handlebar for a comfortable upright ride, starting from $1,095.

Direct-to-Consumer Availability

Simplifying its purchasing process for consumers, Brompton has introduced a direct-to-consumer sales channel for riders throughout the US. In addition to picking up a new bike at the Brompton Junction New York City store or any number of certified Brompton dealers, the direct-to-consumer channel provides direct access to riders living in all corners of the country. Bikes are available for purchase at us.brompton.com, ship for free, and arrive ready to ride right out of the box. Brompton might just be the easiest bike to order online given the small box it arrives in, and the ease with which you simply remove the bike from the box, attach the saddle, unfold and ride!

About Brompton Bicycle:

Made for cities, Brompton produces over 70,000 bikes a year and over 500,000 have hit the streets since the first bike was made in 1975 by inventor Andrew Ritchie. A Brompton bike is perfect for those that live, work or play in cities: The bike folds up to a third of its size, which means a Brompton is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, storing in the trunk of your car and taking out of the city for some fresh air, hailing a taxi when the weather changes or you need to get home late at night. Brompton products are available to purchase and ship directly to your home at us.Brompton.com, or from over 1,500 accredited retailers worldwide and 15 flagship Brompton Junction stores.

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