BUBBA™ Debuts New Carbon Fiber Fishing Net

May 6, 2019

Premium fishing brand expands product line with its first ever fishing net

(Columbia, MO) – BUBBA™, a fishing lifestyle brand known for its high-quality angling equipment designed by fishermen, for fishermen, today announced the launch of the BUBBA Fishing Net, the newest expansion of the brand into premium, highly dependable fishing products. The BUBBA Fishing Net is now available online at www.bubbablade.com.

The all-new BUBBA Fishing Net is designed to be nearly indestructible. It boasts a 75-pound rating, a net hoop made from incredibly light yet wildly strong aerospace aluminum, and a die-cast aluminum black-chrome yoke, a weather-resistant finish capable of withstanding years of abuse in the harshest saltwater conditions.

The BUBBA Fishing Net’s PVC-coated, knotless nylon netting facilitates cleaning and protects fish from harmful abrasion, while the iconic BUBBA non-slip grip featured on the net’s handle provides unrivaled traction and control. Available in small, medium and large sizes, there is a BUBBA Fishing Net option for every type of angler. The BUBBA Fishing Net is built for ultimate durability and strength, delivering a top-of-the-line handling experience for the dedicated angler.

BUBBA Fishing Net | Small: $134.95 Medium: $169.95 Large: $194.95

  • Made from Carbon Fiber & Aerospace Aluminum • Corrosion Resistant • Non-Slip Grip • Available in three sizes: Small (16” hoop/4’ shaft), Medium (20” hoop/5.5’ shaft) & Large (24” hoop/6’ shaft) • Fits in most rod holders •

“We saw an opportunity to build a better, more premium fishing net,” says Josh Neville, Brand Manager at BUBBA. “During this product’s research and development stage, our team spent countless hours on the water determining the most important characteristics of a fishing net, and how those details could be refined and incorporated into a modern, unprecedented design. After thoroughly testing the final product in both the field and the lab, we are confident in saying it offers best-in-class performance and durability.”

For more information, please visit www.bubbablade.com

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About BUBBA™

BUBBA™ is a leading brand of fillet knives and fishing tools designed to perform flawlessly under the extreme conditions of saltwater and freshwater fishing. BUBBA™ products are made with the best available materials, as well as a patented knife handle design that enhances safety and ease of grip. BUBBA is committed to providing the necessary tools for safely and efficiently releasing or harvesting and processing sport fish, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice angler. For more information about BUBBA™, visit https://www.bubbablade.com/